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Buying fishtail parka in cracked pepper, navy, or grey..size small or medium!
Fit pics are up on the op! 
Honestly it would probably fit you great, as it is relatively slim fitting on me..if you're interested in fit pics let me know!
No problem at all! I'm about 5'9" and weigh around 160 or so, and it fits me pretty well..honestly trying to get rid of it quickly though so not sure on how long i'll have it for!
Another price drop! Down to $650...such a low price for this beautiful jacket. Please take this off my hands so I can re-order! Save yourself $220 and a 4 month wait!
Price Drop! Also willing to trade this jacket for a CWU, suiting wool + cash, or a fishtail + cash
  What non-leather parts are you referring to?
Don't think I'm feeling a black leather...already gonna get a black suiting wool so I want this leather to be brown, so either lamb or goat. If I get enough cash to get a third leather I would get a BCDR in black lamb..but regarding the cwu, I feel like a ribbed collar would be more comfortable..
So what's the consensus on cwu's? I'm thinking of going brown lamb with ribbed collar..brown goat or normal collar would also probably be a good choice. Anyone have any input?
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