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Quote: Originally Posted by GreyFlannelMan Preppy Boy -- the APC shop I visited is on Mercer St in Soho. Check it out... Thanks Dude!
I've had great results with the GAP 1969 Vintage Cut The rise is 11 1/2 The leg opening is 18 all around The material is soft Definitely, not the type of jeans if your going to do massive work. However, if you want something to sport, they are perfect. I have some American Eagle too, which fit rather well. As for Abercrombie & Finch, not worth the price.
Quote: Originally Posted by minya PreppyBoy, the APC Rescue is a traditional full rise jean -- the rise on the Rescues is about 12". Well, it's at least 11", for sure. I think it's closer to 12". So I take it, it's 11 1/2 Thanks! LA GUY I'm in NYC. Are their any shops in NYC so, I can try on a pair. Thanks Again!
What's the front rise on A.P.C. Jeans? I'm trying to move away from the low rise, (10 1/2" rise) and more into to classic waist fit ( 11 1/2 - 12" rise) Does A.P.C. offer any styles like this, and, do you know where they are sold? Thanks!
I was expecting to be re-directed to AskAndy's Temporary Style Forum. Boy, was I glad to see
I didn't even bother, to visit that topic. However, with all the comments regarding the WASP thread, I'm going to check it out.
Welcome Back SF. I read more than I post. However, I do agree with bry2000, in regards to the SF participants today from a year ago. Back to my reading.......
Quote: Quote: Well, I can afford my own transportation (in fact, I own a car) and yet I still ride on the subway, good for the enviroment and all. As to whyI enjoy living in NYC, oh I don't know - it may be to enjoy the diversity of cultures, the cornucorpia of fine restaurants, the excess of great museums, the theatres, clubs and cabarets, etc. I agree. Nothing beats variety, and NYC has plenty of it
I take the 4, and the 6 Train. Not Bad. But rush hour on the 4 is the worst. As for Subway Suits, thats something new to me. I wear my suits on train everyday with no problems. Actually, waiting on the Platform in the Summer, and the train arriving with the AC on max, is the highlight of the ride
Awesome. Thanks dude.
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