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Quote: Originally Posted by javyn Why Preppy? I used Opera, but admit I didn't spend nearly enough time with it probably. Maybe this will give you a better understanding on what Opera offers http://sebastienguillon.com/journal/...o-choose-opera I went from IE to FireFox to Netscape then Opera. Personally, I would take Netscape 7.2 over FireFox. I just did not have a good experience with FireFox Installing plugins upon plugins became...
I use Opera.
Any reason why, I shouldn't just fold them like they are sold in stores?
I think many of us, have our own termination on cuts. Here's mine. Slim = Levis 559 (Straight from top to bottom, no tapered leg) Relaxed = Levis 569 (More roomier yet, not big as a Carpenter. Boot cut) Anything slimer than the 559, and bigger than the 569, is not my cup of tea.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy And of course, boots (anything from Clarks desert boots to chelsea boots) look good with slim bootcut jeans, for obvious reasons. Again, imo, mileage varies depending on your shoe size. Only people with large feet can relate to LA's statement. 8.5 leg opening suits me best, with my huge feet, wearing casual oval-toed shoes. Those who wear tapered cuts, couldn't get away with it, if your feet were...
Quote: Originally Posted by Garage/Surf Rock I don't think most girls dislike tight pants. I think most girls prefer slim pants on guys, but we could be referring to totally different groups of girls. Kinda like, hip-hop vs. rock crowd. I agree. If your cup of tea is more towards Hip Hop women, you'll have a greater chance striking out with slim jeans versus a baggy cut. My screen name speaks for itself. So, it's slim to relaxed cut....
My preference would be a fit more towards slim - relaxed. Its amazing once you leave high school, your whole wardrobe changes as well, in terms of jeans. I used to love Baggy, and, despise slim - relaxed fit. Now, I just hate the whole sloppy look, baggy jeans project on my body.
Thanks! I actually seen a pair of Lucky's on a manicuin in Saks, that fitted so well, it drew my attention. Thanks again!
How's the fit on Lucky Jeans? Are they moreover the classic style (Sits on the waist, high rear rise, not to big at the hips)?
Check this out...... http://www.exrx.net/Questions/LargeGlutes.html
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