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Back in 2004, the biggest issue (To me) about H&M Blazers in NYC 1. Sizes/fit are hit and miss 2. Didn't look rich enough (Material) 2. Everyone owned one I ended up buying a Blazer at Banana Republic.
It's more of a "Suit Cut" and less of a "Blazer Cut" Blazers are not so tapered at the sides (Above the torso). If you are aiming for the sporty look to wear with jeans, try a different cut.
Working in Atrium years ago I can picture the whole fiasco Atrium never had enough Security for that store, and, the sales staff would double up as Security on the floor. I hope none of the Security I knew then, still works there when this occured.. Maybe they'll wise up and hire more security now.
Quote: Originally Posted by colin_ Many hardcore body builders cut dairy completely from their diets. Many are Lactose Intollerant as well. You'd be surprised on how many who don't like milk, have bodies that can't handle milk.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigsink funniest thing ive ever read. I just hate people with Attitudes, and, that area harbors a lot of it.
I would recommend visiting 5th Avenue. You'll be surrounded with lots of stores to choose from. After cruising 5th Avenue, go downtown to Soho (South Of Houston). There, you'll find more stores to visit. In Noho (North Of Houston) they recently made a Huge Adidas Store that once was a Car Wash. Noho, is more Hip Hop clothing, and, Soho is more European clothing. With the exception of Urban Oufitters...
Anywhere from 10.5" - 11" rise.
Well......... This is my Chest Routine. Whether anyone agrees on it or not, really doesn't matter to me. What matters is results, which they give me. Decline Dumbbell Presses: 3 Sets Of 10 (100 pounds each Dumbbell) Dumbbell Pullovers: 5 Sets Of 5 (100 pounds) Dumbbell Flat: 3 Sets Of 15 (70 pounds each Dumbbell) I only do compound exercises, and, dumbbells, due to being safer when working out solo.
I never heard of these "Myths" before. Not that I would believe a word of it, even if I did.
Quote: Originally Posted by bachbeet preppy boy: I think I'll switch to Opera. Just because of your great avatar! I actually, removed a good portion of the color to give it a more silhouette look. Been using different photos of her, when I would participate in the style section on the Men's Health Boards. Although, I haven't been over there for maybe 2 years now. whoppee Maybe you can explain what's not operating properly on...
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