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Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I was shocked to see so many For Lease signs in shop windows this weekend. It's clear that a lot of retail outlets in the city (some only a few months old) have been lethally hit. Same here mate! I was heading to National Wholesale Liquidators this morning and, found out they went out of business. That’s when I noticed the Tribeca, Canal, Noho, Soho, 14 Street, Gramercy Park, and upwards had so many...
I was walking around Bleecker this morning and, noticed Atrium looks rather empty.
How does one prevent a lot of lint accumilating when sporting coats in the city? I wear only 100% Cashmere coats in the Fall/Winter seasons. I am looking for other ways besides a lint brush to maintain the luster when sporting Cashmere coats. Cheers!
I've actually purchased a very old General Electric Iron that was made in the late 1960's - 1970's on Ebay for $7.00. It weighs close to 8 pounds and takes around 30 Minutes to work at optimum performance. It can even burn your clothing if you have the settings too high. I love it.
Quote: Originally Posted by mikesduc Sambas all the way. I still buy a pair every couple of years. Sambas are the only sneakers I own for dress-down attire. Goes with absolutely everything I own casual and, makes you look more like a trendsetter than following the crowd.
Quote: Originally Posted by Spiral I'm talking about not looking at sleeve or neck size but just how low the shirt should be. For example down to the zipper, below the zipper, pant pocket length. Yes. I'm aware that's where you are referring to. That's why I suggested posting pictures of various shirts you plan on wearing. There is no rule on how long the shirt will be. That choice is solely based on designer preference. That's what I...
Shirts vary in lengths that has nothing to do with sleeve or neck size. Is it possible for you to show a few examples?
The two on the top of my list are those who register numerous times to share their multiple personalities and, Trolls. There's nothing more pathetic than an adult using multiple screen names to get his or her message across.
Quote: Originally Posted by iconn I was wondering if anyone else has problems fitting into nice jeans due to their legs getting big? I'ts come to the point where I have to buy a bigger waist jean just so my legs will fit in them. Is there any solution to this? Why don't you just buy a different "Cut" jeans. There are various cuts to choose from and, designers do vary pending on their customer's needs.
Quote: Originally Posted by briancl I do MP3 only. It is the most compatible format for all the different devices I use (Car stereo, iPod, Computers, etc). For bitrate, I do a minimum of 192 CBR and max of 320 CBR, but I find around 224 VBR to be just right. Space usually is not a limiting factor, so I'm not too concerned with getting max quality into the least amount of space. The biggest problem I face is getting the files to play in all of the...
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