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I’ve encountered this Monday through Friday since 2010. I am not approached on the train as much. However the platform, & walking down the street is always guaranteed. All age groups and all genders.
Based on the amount of luck I get with women/girls on a daily basis (or men if I am in the village vicinity), in addition to my boss that class me as a womaniser, I will say 9.5
I would imagine a lot of these incidents occur when grade school to high school students are going to school. Bizarre experiences I've noticed occur once or twice a year.
Quote: Originally Posted by acridsheep A cowboy boot performance? Will there be spurs? STIRRUPS?!?! By Performance I mean durability throughout the years under different climates in and about NYC. If you would like to add spurs by all means do so. However, that type of accessory is only worn by a chosen few, who really want to have that authentic cowboy look. Cowboy Boots generally look impressive without any added accessories....
Quote: Originally Posted by GamaH I have a question for everyone here; I've been searching for an answer for months (on and off, of course) to no avail, really. 1)\tWhat is the absolutely-bet-your-life-on-it-correct cm/inches-to-size chart? I have seen some VERY weird formulas for shoe sizing over the years. Hi. Cowboy Boots like shoes varies by Brand. Quote: 2) How true to size do Lucchese classics fit? Now, I can't...
Hi. I wear Adidas Samba in the gym. Cheers!
I have no idea if Macy's still offers their brand Charter Club however, I must say the quality was very good 15 years ago. Cheers!
Quote: Originally Posted by Perdogg Should a man dress better or equal to his female date? I was at dinner tonight and I notice this stunning blonde wearing a tight black summer dress. It wasn't a formal dress, but a step up from her date. I was thinking, should a man dress at least as formal, if not better, than his female date? A lot of women prefer to look better than men when out in public. I've had too many women I know for years say, "I...
Quote: Originally Posted by rohde88 Are there no J. Crews near your cave? Its a pretty common store, but Jcrew fit is a little looser Medium-->medium. Their style will be "washed" out colors, stripes, etc. I can think of two on the top of my head. By washed out colours do you mean they will always offer that look as if someone accidentally poured too much bleach in the wash? It's been years I haven't ventured into Soho. Hopefully the shop...
Quote: Originally Posted by aka You can also try Brooks Brothers slim fit. I've got a few of these in linen and noniron varieties and have been pretty pleased with the fit. I may need to explore their shop even further for I've always found myself going no further than their classic styling. Cheers
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