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scratch that I'm dumb.
And the first of the Kamigata's are up.  Broken Twill Camo is doing crazy things to my brain right now....
Mike will you carry the Kamigata's in stores or is the restock online only?
BCDR in Vegetable Tanned Leather?
Mid-rise? Low-rise?
It's a steal.  UK 7.5 Charles Tyrwhitt Brown Suede Chelsea.
Yeah I tried on a pair and the fit is spot on.  I'm 5'7" with proportionally longer torso than legs so the higher rise on Jeans 9 really flattered my body type.  
Any body know about the quality of BLK DNM jeans?  I've heard good things about fit being spot on.  
Can anyone attest to the quality of BLK DNM?  Just curious.
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