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Picked up last week  
Hey guys, what are you thoughts on the following two CPs. I am looking to wear this for work and not sure if the cadet derbys are formal enough.   
Thanks for the info, wumbo17412 and somatoform!
Anyone from Ontario, Canada have any experience with buying from CNCPTS (shop.cncpts.com) or Frans Boone? 
Thanks for the info.
Anyone one with experience with Mrporter or Nordstrom in Ontario, Canada?    I got hit with duties with End clothing so I'm trying to avoid that. Thanks in advance. 
 Nice Derbys! Want to know if it fits roughly the same size as achilles. Do you guys think Derbys is formal enough with a suit? Want to pick up a pair.
Are the Vintage Lows and Achilles Low the same sizing/fit? 
I just bought the Vintage Low Navy. Does anyone know if it's normal for the numbers to be kind of faded? Or am I too picky about it? My first time buying CPs.  
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