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Taormina in 10.5 3e and chili Cody in 10.5e? Conus shipping, 13903. Any chance of Burgundy Adams in 10.5e, or those pretty much gone? If so, Grayson Merlot in 10.5e?
Mine have been shipped about 3 weeks after ordering.  Simon has said for hand-stitched suits it is closer to 4 weeks.
Elite Suits offers what you are looking for, and I did just what you are looking to do. They did an excellent job and I am looking forward to future purchases. They are a StyleForum sponsor as well.
I would like to chime back in saying I have talked to Simon, and he sent me a form to measure the vest I had been sent, and he is going to add 4cm to the length of it and send me a new one with my Clissold's suit at no charge!  Couldn't be happier, and I'm already strongly considering that nice check pattern he listed on the last page for another Milan suit.  Maybe after I get the Clissold's...  On another note, I'm not a small guy, but not a big guy, but I do have...
I would like to let everyone know that I had ordered the combo package from Simon, but had sent him a suit and shirt prior to placing my order, as my thoughts were that this would ensure the best possible outcome.  I was slightly concerned because I was sending my suit thousands of miles away hoping I would get it back, but both my suit and shirt were returned to me today with my Milan suit, and I must say it fits just like the suit I sent!  I will post pics once I get...
Well, chalk up a combo for the USA.  I ordered my Milan & Almost Bespoke package just this past week.  I had sent Simon a suit of mine to have what I think should guarantee the best results possible, as well as a shirt as I ordered 3 of those.  I'll let folks know how they turn out when they come in.
I too have ordered from Simon, and we have been working out the details of my suit.  The first suit I received had a good fit in the trousers (could have had a bit more hip/thigh room), but the jacket was much too small in the chest.  I sent him some pictures and described the issue, and he agreed to remake the suit.  This time, we used measurements from a suit I have that fits well vs. body measurements.  The suit arrived and fit very well, but this time the pants were...
PM'ed for several styles.  Does anyone know if belts are also available at these discounts?
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