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I ordered 3 pair on November 29th to try them out and haven't even received a shipment confirmation.  I inquired about it two days ago and received a response the next day from Ahmet asking for my order number and e-mail address, which were both in the e-mail I sent him asking about the order.  The order # was actually the subject of the e-mail.  I then confirmed the order # and e-mail address I had already given him and haven't heard back yet.  I know they ship slow, but...
Taormina in 10.5 3e and chili Cody in 10.5e? Conus shipping, 13903. Any chance of Burgundy Adams in 10.5e, or those pretty much gone? If so, Grayson Merlot in 10.5e?
Elite Suits offers what you are looking for, and I did just what you are looking to do. They did an excellent job and I am looking forward to future purchases. They are a StyleForum sponsor as well.
PM'ed for several styles.  Does anyone know if belts are also available at these discounts?
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