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Ok, the jumper fit is not tight in the body or shoulders, just a bit shorter in the body & arms - so in retrospect, I should have gone for an XL rather than L possibly. So the fit is quite odd really - more short than slimfit as they are sometimes advertised.   Warmth-wise, it's pure 100% wool (hence the price), so it's perfectly warm - after all let's face it, pure wool is what keeps sheep warm in winter (minus the fairisle patterns!)   PS: They're a cool brand...
Well I found the fit to be fine (I got a large and tend to waiver between medium/large sizing - more large though).   I knew it would be erring on the side of slim-fit because that's the Howlin' style, but that's ok.   Quality & design is great though. 
Hi there, I've just ordered the Brian Knit by Howlin in large. I'm generally either a medium or a (more these days as I get older!) large depending on the company making the garment.   When it arrives, I'll repost here & let you know how sizing seems to me. Esquire did a piece on the company a while back saying that they tended to be quite slim fit, so I'm not anticipating a problem.
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