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Thanks for the info.
It is 50% cashmere.
It is 50% cashmere.
So you can not count without help from a computer? And then, I remind you again that Meermin is handwelted.
But why did you use the price on Carmina without taxes and on Meermin with taxes?
What I can see the Carmina Rain is 325 Euro, and they are not handwelted. The Shell Cordovan on the Rainlast cost 525 Euro.
Most of the doublemonks you see in the thread is from the classic collection and some others as my snuff suede wholecut. They classic collection is great for the low price.
I hope you do not think that every person who has bought shoes from Meermin post pictures here at Styleforum?
My feet is 26,4 cm and I have size 8UK in the Hirolast and next time i buy a Hirolast I will go for 7,5 UK
If I was you I had bought size 8, of course it depends what last it is.
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