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Some finds from the previous week:     I am thrown off by the hand made in Spain and really don't know much about Versace...         PRL Suede Bomber   PRL Quilted Down Jacket   PRL Sport Coat   Land's End Oil Cloth Jacket   Brooks Brothers Herringbone Sport Coat  
Finally ponied up and used some flipping funds to score some size 13 Alden Indy 403s and if anyone here is thinking about getting them, do it. They are by far the most comfortable boots I have worn (Red Wing Beckman's, Crockett and Jones, Florsheim by Duckie Brown are in my rotation). I was patient on eBay and finally scored them for a price I was comfortable with!       Also, very trad Chipp tie...available       
Popped my Kiton cherry! However, I liken this to getting walked in on midway through...I couldn't leave it though...also, there is acrylic involved.      Also my first A.P.C. in the wild...sweet jacket that fits me!     Also, I feel like some of you guys have mentioned liking Rooster knits, so I picked this blue, squared off bottom, wool with herringbone pattern, available    
Yeah, that was my bad, noted for the future...I apologize and hope it didn't cause too much of a problem for you. 
 This may be my favorite item I have seen posted on this thread! This coat is:  
Wow - that is a beauty!! Nice score!!
A couple of finds from today:    Southwick Blue/Black (when I hold it next to black, not quite, same with navy) with sweet gold buttons - 44 Available         Schott Bomber - Ima rock this hard         Brioni Tie       
Picked up this sweet Southwick for Andover Shop Prince of Wales Check Black, Creme and Burgundy 42R without realizing it had some stains on the sleeve. If anyone wants to try to rehab it, it is yours for the shipping cost.          p2p - 22" sleeve - 25" shoulders - 18" BOC - 31"
A couple of recent finds:    Nice Charcoal Canali staple suit - 2 button (keeping)        Super thick Ricci Luxury Tie      RRL Western Shirt - XL   Pendleton Riding Jacket - 40     PRL Fair Isle Handknit - N/A Sweet, heavy ass Pendleton Shacket - L 
God it has been way too long since I posted. I haven't had much time to thrift lately which really is bothering me...I used to work from home and now I don't. The silver lining is that my new job is a huge upgrade from my last job, so I really shouldn't be complaining, but man it is hard to cut back 90% on the addiction!!!    Anyway, what little time I have had to thrift yielded probably my favorite find to date: LL Bean Goatskin Leather, Shearling lined Bomber that...
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