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Recent Finds:   Cool Whale Print J Press Tie - N/A AE Cameron Penny Loafers - N/A Pendleton Cotton Madras Tie - Keeping  Patagonia Pataloha Shirt - N/A Truzzi Slim Fit - Size 39 FC (Missing Top Button), Red and White Candy Stripe - Available  Mysterious 7 fold tie - no maker - can anyone help me identify?      Cool PRL Duck Hunting Motif Shirt - N/A Paul Smith Shoes  AE MacNeil's AE Polo - 9A Available Supra...
Wow, nice boots!! I feel like boots in decent shape are one of the tougher items to pull from a thrift, I don't remember seeing many Red Wing boots posted here. Has anyone posted Alden Indys found at a thrift? That would be an amazing find!    Spoo, your story is amazing! Good for you man, enjoy the ride! 
Thanks!! Yeah, it is a swimming patch, good eyes...   Also, JamieBryant, your haul from about 2 days ago is absolutely bonkers, congrats man!! 
Recent finds:    Sweet Orvis Moleskins N/A   Really well made (I don't usually pick this up) Peter Millar Heringbone pattern L Available   Faconnable Blue and Cream OCBD Medium-ish Available    5 Brother Chamois Cloth - 2XL Available   3 Roll 2 Vintage Harris Tweed N/A     Vintage Notre Dame Letter Sweater - Not an alum, but I am thinking of rocking it, fits like a glove...N/A  
+1 I have a pair of the newer ones and while they are probably my "worst" pair of selvedge, I find myself wearing them more often than pairs I paid considerably more for. They are a nice respite for when you are breaking in a new pair of raws as they are really soft, are great office jeans and have pretty deep pockets, something that most of my other selvedge lacks.
Awesome score!! I want to find one that fits me so badly! Congrats!!
Anybody want to save a drab green J Press jacket from re-donation? It is polyester and worsted wool, 2 button, dual vent, I think the polyester scared buyers...J Press usually does so well...yours for the shipping.      [[SPOILER]]        
Picked up this Dobbs 5th Ave feather fedora, I figured someone on here would like it - brown with yellow feather size 7 1/4      
This is a great thrift fit! Love that sweater!
Thanks for the quick verification! I still have to send you the pictures of the items I want to send your way...I'll get on that 
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