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Haha - I think I will - I am always so nervous about anything that sells for over $50 - that seems to be the magic "buyer's remorse" number!
Thanks for the replies - I don't think they were shortened and the distressing or wear (depending on how you view it) was strictly on the outside of the cuff and was even. I feel like when jeans are dragged on the ground because they are too long the wear will show on the outside as well as right inside the cuff and in my experience, it is typically uneven. I do wish I would have posted a close up of the cuffs though!
I need some advice on when to just not accept a return - here is my listing:   and here is the message I got from the buyer: The Jean I purchased is trimmed at the cuffs. I do not want to buy a jean like this condition. Please help me return it ASAP. Thanks .    I responded that not only were the cuffs not trimmed, but they matched the overall distressing of the jeans - I know...
Borrelli NA       AE Fifth Ave - NA   Bally - NA  Harley NA 
 Minty Cheaneys/Churchs' Made in England Black Cap Toe with Brogue - UK 10 - Available - would prefer shoe trade (size 13)   
Cheaney/Churches Made in England Black Cap Toe with Brogue Size 10 UK, perfect condition...hoping to trade for similar quality in size 13          
No affiliation with seller...nice, mis-labeled RRL heavy work shirt for an XL, way cheap.
Finally found some shell cordovan! AE MacNeils - my intense jealousy of all the recent shell finds can now be set on simmer...     Also, Southern Tide Vineyard Vines  And baby blue Carmelo stitched! 
Borrelli shirts on Vente-Privee - very nice deals - around $70 per shirt...   Edit - Looks like Concealed got the word out already.
Thanks! I love the whale tie and the duck shirt (so much so that I am actually considering getting a PRL shirt tailored to fit)...I wish the MacNeils were shell, but they are just regular cow. I have no luck with finding shell, I am constantly amazed at the consistent shell cordovan finds...either I need to get out more or they just aren't that popular in my area. 
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