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Awesome shoe score for me today - I rarely find my size (13 D) in decent condition and these are mint!!   Allen Edmonds Charcoal Suede and To Boot New York Snuff Suede       
Thanks for the info - so damn cool to find something potentially that old! Here is a pic of the buttons: And another of the coat: 
I found this cool Duxbak belted hunting jacket tonight - I don't know much about it, but I recall that someone on the thread dug them. Can anyone tell me how old this is judging by the label? If it really strikes someone's fancy, I would be happy to trade. Thanks!     
@evolutionofRW - this is fantastic! Congrats on the great find!! 
Some recent finds:    Santoni Penny Loafers - in transit to SF member  Burberry Plaid Shirt - N/A  Willis and Geiger - N/A  RRL - keeping for me  Pendleton in my size 
Big shout out to Futuremyth - very generous, stand up guy! 
Such a cool find! I have been looking for one of those for a solid year...hoping for that good thrift thread synergy! 
Plain toe, shell cordovan Hanovers in my size! I really had to work to clean them up, but I think they turned out pretty nice.     
Burberry Leather Belt - probably stamped leather, what do you guys think?     
Thanks! I think that is probably what I will do, but he hasn't responded back yet. I appreciate the advice on the listing layout as well! I am starting to get to the point where selling a shirt for $25 seems like a lot of work (I used to be thrilled) but still do it since those $50+ items are harder to come by.
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