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Of course I was going to report it  My main concern is that the information that I was getting from PayPal that I assumed was reliable was actually a little over 5% off. That seems like an unacceptable margin of error.  Anyway, doing some research on this, I came across a PayPal add-on called Outright. Browsing this thread, it seems like people use it. Does it track one's year-to-date sales? 
@concealed I was looking at Comma Delimited - Completed Payments - I believe it was gross. I don't get why PayPal can't add an at-a-glance "sales this year" balance like they have for the current account balance...
So, I had been using a completed sales report csv downloaded from Paypal's site to keep track of my 2013 sales totals. That total was $19,618. I just logged into Paypal to find a 1099-K for sales of $20,694. This is very frustrating. Am I missing an easier way to keep track of sales figures year to date on PayPal? There doesn't seem to be an easy way to do it...   This $1000ish jump prompted the 1099, correct? 
Recent finds    Hickey Freeman sweet pattern - 44L Available    Brooks Brothers "Brooksstorm" Loro Piana Storm System N/A     Aquascutum Tweed Overcoat N/A     PRL Suede Bomber N/A     Vasque Hiking Boots - Available - Women's Size 12? I wear 13 and I can't even get my foot into them - bummer. I think men's 10 would fit.   
Thanks for the replies @capnwes and @jebarne, I think I will give it a try. 
Looking for some advice - I just got a Macbook Pro and am considering using Garagesale for my listings. Do any of you use it? If so, would you recommend it? Thanks! 
Great score for myself today - recent (2012) Z Zegna moleskin and leather trim button front jacket - fits like a glove! Best part: it was in with the shirts - $3.99!!  Someone who is a 46 should e-thrift this bad boy...
I usually pass as well, but in this condition and in my size, I couldn't resist. Too bad I found nice suede the same day we got our first snow accumulation 
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