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Hey, in your successful quest to be succinct you forgot to mention what was wrong about it...a little help please?  
It looks like this coat was made in Italy by Lardini - Caruso does make some of the BB stuff, but I guess it is typically Golden Fleece. 
Could someone help me ID this tag? Caruso? The tag is attached to a Brooks Brothers Loro Piana Storm System wool overcoat.  
That is a great idea - pretty easy to justify. Thanks for the recommendation on the maker, I will get a picture up on the labels thread. 
I love the print on that tie, gorgeous! I have never found BBBF in a thrift, but I like their OCBDs better than any other brand and they can be found for surprisingly reasonable prices on the Bay - I don't think I have paid more than $40 for one. Not sure why they are so under the radar for the level of quality...
     Thanks for the advice, I nixed the BrooksStorm. Glad to see that it is desirable - maybe consignment is the answer. I have such a hard time photographing dark jackets/suits using natural light only, I should probably use all the lighting advice from this thread and invest in a set up. 
Could I get some advice on this listing: Completed sales show coats like this selling for double or more, yet this thing has just hung around. I get a bunch of views, but very few watchers.    I am wondering if it is just an odd size or if my listing/photos are just that bad...
My grail item is a Schott Perfecto in my size and I finally found one today - unfortunately it looked like the dude had painted his house wearing the thing and then dragged in behind his bike on a cross county tour  still searching....but it is damn fun to have an item or two that you eternally hope for!    Any other "personal grail quests" out there? I bet if we put our collective efforts to work, we could check a few off the list!    A couple of recent scores...
Awesome, thanks for confirming! 
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