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I asked in the UK so it may be different, but they said their normal RTW suits & jackets are half-canvas, and the MTM is full-canvas. Just call them and confirm this is true for dinner suits too. 
I'm partial to monk-straps, especially after seeing these:     And for those who can't do with just one buckle:  
Dark brown suede or a lighter colour?
What would be your favourite shoe (or boot) style to get in brown suede? And what would you normally wear it with?
Midnight blue > black in all possible situations. 
Definitely go bespoke if you can afford it, or MTM if you are on a tighter budget. RTW is a minefield for dinner suits, and midnight blue in particular is hard to find. With MTM you can specify details, which is especially important nowadays since RTW often come with no-nos like notch lapels.    I got one bespoke earlier this year and went for a midnight blue single breasted, single-button, no vents, peak lapels, the trousers had raised side-seams and side-adjusters...
A $1k pair of shoes is only somewhat better than a $500 pair. C&J/Church's are good enough for anyone to wear, IMO they are entry-level high quality shoes. EG/G&G are better, but not by so much that I think they are worth spending twice as much on (or getting half as many shoes for a given budget). If I was so loaded that money didn't matter, I'd go bespoke instead. 
Again - if you stroll through the City on a weekday you see plenty of people without ties, with no cuff showing, with their coats unbuttoned. The idea that someone in a smart well-fitting navy or dark grey suit is going to be considered poorly dressed because they have a pair of chocolate brown oxfords is simply not true anymore.   Also, the thread asked about England, not just the City of London (which is itself only a small minority of the London business world). If the...
  What shade of brown would you recommend as most versatile? Dark, mid, or light brown? Would you go with pure solid, or a subtle pattern for a first brown SC?
Let's get some opinions on what to go for. Here are my standbys that I wear frequently:   Navy blazer Mid-blue check Light grey Mid-grey herringbone Mid-brown houndstooth   I was thinking of adding one or more of these:   dark green tweed dark brown (either solid or a pattern) tan/camel solid   Any comments or suggestions?
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