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Ok. What would you recommend for first 3 SCs?
Great links, thanks - the blazersuit is a good idea!
Ok, but are some 'single purpose' suits just by their nature able to be used as SCs also? A tan linen suit would seem to be the classic example - even as a pure suit you'd probably have patch pockets, and a tan linen SC with patch pockets is a summer staple. 
We often hear about the folly of wearing an orphaned suit jacket with odd trousers, or wearing a suit without a tie. But what kind of suits can pull this off? Since not wearing a tie gives a more casual look, and since SCs are also more casual, the kind of suit that would be able to do double duty would tend to be at the casual end also. Finally, it must be something that doesn't look ridiculous as a suit. For example, a bold windowpane can be a great pattern for sport...
After much faffing about with RTW shirts, what I did was get a MTM shirt at a decent shirt-maker (assuming they would get the length right), then went to an alterations tailor whilst wearing the MTM shirt, and asked them to adjust my jackets to show 0.5" of cuff while my arms are hanging down by my sides. 
Next week I should be picking up my third bespoke outfit, a navy blue suit (first two were a dinner suit and a navy blazer, both of which I was happy with; and some MTM shirts, which also turned out well). I'm thinking about what to commission next, given my budget constraints and clothing needs. So, I thought I'd ask the forum for advice.   My situation is that I don't have much requirement for suits - I don't need to wear them every day at my work, for example. So...
It felt good because the fit was so much superior to anything I had worn before. Although this was tinged with regret that I would now have to replace 90% of my suits and sports jackets over the next 6-12 months, at not inconsiderable expense.
I'm thinking of ordering two pairs - one that is smart enough to go with suits, but versatile enough to look ok with casual trousers; and one more rugged pair for wet/muddy winter days. What's the consensus on which types of boots would be fit for the job? Feel free to post some pics - looks still matter!
Avoid peak lapels (disqualifies it as a conservative interview suit), get twin vents, and avoid working cuffs unless the length is ideal (they are difficult to alter sleeve length on). Ignore brand. Try on a few dozen RTW, and pick the one that fits best. Read a book on how to judge fit and memorise this (or bring notes with you to the stores) e.g. Flusser's "Style and the Man" discusses this in the first few chapters. Concentrate on shoulders (should be straight, no big...
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