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LOL, I deserve to be damned for eternity for missing that :D   Although you could argue that Churchill was sending up the whole 'gangsters with pin-stripes' fad from the 30s - and showing them how to do it properly!
One other point about rules. What do you normally do when you know a rule, but then see an exception that clearly works? If following a rule would get a worse result than breaking it, then it is silly to follow the rule. Rules are there for a purpose, after all - what matters is to achieve the desired goals for which the rules are designed, not to follow rules mindlessly for the sake of it.    So, when breaking a rule would achieve those goals better than following...
Wearing an impeccable double-breasted pin-stripe Savile Row suit and tie while getting drunk at a dive bar at a biker meet in Sturgis. Wearing African ceremonial tribal dress to a top level UN meeting where everyone else is in suits and ties.    Your outfits could be the height of fit and style, yet they are totally flouting the social norms. The strangeness of this is therefore nothing whatsoever to do with the inherent style of the outfits, it is all about how they...
There are multiple style vocabularies - consider what would be appropriate at a biker meet or a rodeo. Unless we are to say that it is impossible to dress with style in those situations, then we must admit that style is not restricted to just one way of dressing. Even if you are a conservative elitist and say that those other social settings have inherently unstylish dress, then consider this - no modern style vocabulary was worn by a single person in the whole world as...
  But you don't have to play the game to look stylish. You can utterly ignore the game and all its rules and language, and still dress very stylishly.    You only have to play the game if you want to be fashionable, or to fit in. Although those may be useful goals, depending on what you are trying to achieve, they have little to do with style.
My 'rules' would be:   1. It fits well 2. It looks good & matches the rest of the outfit 3. It isn't inappropriate   Beyond that I would say everything is subjective taste, fashion, and so on. Let's face it, suits didn't exist back in the middle ages, and many cultures have utterly different styles of dress to our own. A good outfit for a Masai warrior or a Mongolian sheep herder is going to have nothing in common with western ideas of 'permanent style'....
Dark blue linen blazersuit, half-lined. Cool, casual, and versatile - the jacket can be worn separately with chinos or jeans for dressing down on evenings and weekends; or you can pair it with a tie, shirt, and pair of oxfords to look pretty smart. The colour will match with almost anything.
What would be your recommended basic shirt & tie combinations for the wardrobe staples of solid navy suit, and solid charcoal suit? White, light blue, cream and pink would be the classic shirt choices, with maybe light green or lilac as extra choices. What colour and pattern of ties would match best with each suit & shirt combo?
At that price, go bespoke. Savile Row or Naples bespoke is $4-5k, I'm sure SF has a tailor at those prices also
Charcoal chesterfield is much more suitable for business. A trench coat is pretty much casual only. 
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