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Looks like I am not the only one that is not going to buy anything from YOOX ever again.  They are charging over 40% for delivery/taxes. Wanted to buy a nice pair of shoes for 350$ but cancelled the order when I saw the 150$ charge for delivery/taxes. The HST is only 13% so, it should be around 46$. They are asking 3x the HST for delivery/custom. To way I am paying that.
No. Haute Couture are just concept. CONCEPT. Even some Ready-to-wear are not made to be worn all together. You can wear some of the pieces but, you will need to tone it down with "regular" pieces.
hum... I don't know. There is not much choices in Canada except to go to Holt or Harry to get Burberry. From personal experiences, Burberry London trench coats has some weird measures depending on the model and where it was made. You might be better off trying it on first before buying. As for tailoring, you should be able to find some good tailors around the GTA to mod the coat.
You can just not button the top two and it would probably fix the problem.
Those are technically dark burgundy. With a Navy suit, you can go black or dark brown shoes. If you want to stand out and he a hipster, you will have to go with brown/cognac shoes. Still, it deepens on your suit. How dark is the Navy blue of the suit? If your suit is like Light Navy Blue and slim cut; you can wear those brown/burgundy shoes.
I don't really like the design of the shoes but, if it is what you are looking for... I would recommend looking into Cole Haan and ECCO. They should carry similar design for affordable price.
I think it is best to judge fashion by looking at a specific time period instead  of a generation. I really like the Art Deco period (1930 to late 1940) was a great era for fashion. You have some of the more conservative look but, it is sharp and edgy at the time.  After that, you have the Hippie period that started in the early 1950 to the late 1970. During that period, people are still dress pretty sharp but, with a bigger color palette. In my opinion the worst dress...
For me, a jacket length depends on your upper body and lower body proportion. Also, it depends on the design (one button, 2 buttons, single vent, double vents, etc...) and how wide you are. I don't believe in a standard rule for everyone since not a single person has the same body type.
Not really. It is the mid range one. You have Kors by Michael Kors which has horrendous quality and design. Michael by Michael Kors is the mid range one. They have nice design for clothing and accessories but, the quality of the materials and the sewing is absolutely inconsistent. The final and hardest to find is Michael Kors. While the other 2 labels are made in China, Thailand, etc.. this one is made in Italy. The quality is a little better (have more finishing) than...
If you like slim fit, I would recommend Hugo Boss Red Label or Z Zegna. You can get them within the price range that you desire. They can be quite cheap when they are on sale and most big name stores will offer free alterations for those suits (hence saving you a trip to the tailor). You can also look into Theory which is another brand that makes slim fit suit.
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