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Really like those, art. Does crackle treatment make it chip off instead of peel? 
^ Allegedly just painted chucks and JPs   Hoping there's more though.
Yesterday     [[SPOILER]]
I used chucks for a couple reasons: I was also taking some inspiration from the Rick Ramones (which is pretty funny when you think about it) I had a pair that I didn't wear sitting around being useless   If you're going to go and buy shoes to do this to, why not just get something without a toe cap - unless you're totally set on converse. Vans makes some highs with no toe cap and that don't lace as far down and I'm sure you could find others too.    The...
    [[SPOILER]] Also does anyone know anything about it off the top of their head?
Little update on my painted Converse. Found long laces at a local sports place. Had to drop like $4 for a pair of hockey referee laces. Later went to the dollar store for snacks and found the same goddamn thing for a dollar. Not worth returning them but now I'll know for next time and you will too.      I think the long laces will look much better than the shorter ones once they're broken in and grimy and nasty.    Also did a small fix to the tongues - stitched them to...
Nope I didn't tape those ones, just was careful with the brush. You can be not so careful if you're like the Margielas that I totally ripped the idea from   I used the gold metallic acrylic paint from the Wal-Mart craft section as well as lots of the gloss varnish stuff that is usually right by it. A couple coats of the gold then a couple more of the varnish with a little gold mixed in. This gave them really really even colour that I didn't like at all - looked too...
Is painting shoes still cool? I hope so.    I took an old pair of Converse I had and didn't wear.     Taped off the sole and painted them with some black acrylic and gloss finish mixed and went over the grey line with a black felt. Seemed pretty true to the aesthetic.     Then they looked pretty cool I think.     Still wanna get some x-long laces (probably for ice skates) for ultimate wraps.
I think it's important to know your age - but moreso important to know what looks good on you and how you want to look.   It's easy to say now that you won't want to wear that when you're 50, but 50 year old you might not agree.
Rick Owens x Where The Wild Things Are
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