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Yeah I have lost 20lbs, 205 to 185, since I purchased it and have been meaning to get it taken in.    I guess this jacket fits into the not "odd" enough category. Unfortunately, it never had a matching pant.
My first post of a fit so be kind, and excuse the tucked in flap on the right pocket, I didn't notice it until the middle of the day.  . 
My contribution:   
I know too well the intents of the bride and having to tiptoe the line between traditional wedding dress, all aspects whether formal or informal, and what the bride wants, contrary to conventions of dress but most importantly what will make her happy . See my thread titled: "Wedding Accessories". I eventually had to make a concession and wear a white tie despite objecting and trying to educate her on the matter.   I would say a charcoal or midnight blue suit will set...
  I don't know about you but I find chinos more comfortable than jeans these days. Maybe its me getting older but then again I am only 28.   To the OP: If you wear sweatpants to a date and that is accepted by your company, than you both deserve each other.
Check out the Loake 1880 Dorchester.
Given that I am now wearing a white tie, what color square, pattern, cloth should I go for? 
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  Well Gents,    I put up the good fight...   I tried to "convince" her with the wedding ties suggested here; a solid silver and a small houndstooth, and finally to oblige her, I tried the white one. Reception was quite good to the first two ties, better than expected, but her face completely lit up when I turned around wearing the white one. At that point, I knew the gravity of giving in to her surely innocuous request. Any reasoning about...
  Color? and Pics?
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