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Hey Guys,    Just seeking some help to identify some (supposed) red wing boots. A bandwagoning NZ menswear brand (i love ugly) claim their model is wearing red wings in this photo which pissed me off because they're the type of brand that would say something that isn't true in order to look "on-trend".   The boots in the picture look nothing like any of the red wings that i've had experience with (except perhaps a similar profile to the red wing handsewn...
hey mate, will u take $150? email me - harryross263@gmail.com
Started this a while ago - pretty sure I still have 0 followers though (shaming). haha have a look and feel free to be my first follower.    http://future-potus.tumblr.com/
Hey mate, just messaged you on ebay. will you be willing to ship to NZ? cheers
Phew. Thank you so much for the advice. Luckily shop-cora were slow to accept the paypal payment, so almost 24 hours after I payed for them I cancelled the paypal transaction. Businesses like that infuriate the hell out of me.    I spoke to a paypal customer service rep and they said they would do what they could to freeze payments to shop-cora as it was not the first time a complaint has been made.    Since i'm (luckily) not out of pocket, the thing that i'm...
Does anyone know if this site: http://www.shop-cora.com/boots-clarks-c-25_69.html?page=4&sort=20a is legit?    I just ordered a pair of Size 11 (it wasn't specified as to US or UK so i assumed since I was buying Clarks, a UK company it would be UK sizing) Desert Mali boots in Beeswax, I instantly recieved conformation email, however after 12 hours my order is still "pending".    I also tried their contact us button in order to change the sizing to a 10.5 however...
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