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Fuck this most and more comfotable talking. Uncomfortable is never good but design is all that really matters.
As much as I like Raf, this isn't good         these are a lot better      
How do you like yours? Dries makes this design year after year. It is somewhat classic style. I love mine.   I wear veber in a 46 and I am somewhere between 44 to 46. Usually wear small in outerwear though. I agree that it runs rather short (except sleeves) and slim. Too snug fitting is never good jackets like this.   This shows how it's supposed to fit...           
  I would say that you shouldn't size up unless you want to.   My Dries Van Noten veber bomber jacket fits true to size. It's this design.  
  I thought that I was too short to wear fishtail. There must be some truth behind that thinking. You shouldn't need fishtail in California.   Peacoat is my winter coat choice. It's good but a bit boring. :D
  Fishtail parka looks awesome on her... even when barefoot
I need more hidden placket shirts. Most likely something will be 70% off like last year.
5th anniversary white shirt jacket arrived. I highly recommend it. Even tho, it wasn't on sale.    
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