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I think, it should not really matter whether one possesses or likes material things when it comes to liking someone. If one is a "material person" it does not mean that this is all that person embodies. I think if material people do spend their money on valuable things like TAG Heuer watches and the like, and these poeple really appreciate the technological and historical value of such items then it should be fine.  
For those who are interested|head&nclick_check=1   Enjoy reading!
I think there should not be a problem if you do some exercise like walking, don't you think? The wrist should be set still with a splint. Just wear your Rolex Datejust on the other hand.  
Well what pisses me off? Many things to be honest, being on the plane with pseudo-anti-capitalists who begin complaining about convenience consumption  while actually using a cheap air line service offering convenience food to them.  
Hi all,   I am here as I love fashion and all stuff related to it. Looking forward to chatting with you. Inspiration for new trends and so on ...  
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