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I have begun to liquidate the lot via ebay $1 no reserve auctions.  dallascouture4men   Over the next 10 days I will list 500+ items by Ermenegildo Zegna, Oxxford, RLPL, Armani Collezioni, D&G, PRADA, PAUL SMITH, and much much more! Have a look and score some really good finds!
Up for grabs is a once in a lifetime opportunity to carry your prized suits in perhaps the most expensive and exotic garment bag in the world! Everyone knows the House of BIJAN.  This bag is absolutely 100% flawless/brand new condition.  There isn't the slightest hint of wear present anywhere on this bag.  New this bag would cost you $150,000.00 on Rodeo Drive!!!   I've seen Brioni alligator bags with scales less than 1/4th the size of this extraordinary bag retail...
Take a look at what's left! PM me for details on bulk!               Thank you to everyone who came to the sale.  I will definitely be doing another event in the future (60 to 90 days out).  I look forward to being a part of the community here on SF.   I will say this to anybody who may still be interested, There is still a bunch of things remaining and I do need to move them.  I'll probably be listing a lot of things on eBay for $1 no...
Complimentary wine, beer, and a cheese wheel will be offered to our guests.  (While supplies last)
We will be accepting the following payments for clothing:   Cash Credit Cards Paypal   We will be accepting the following payments for jewelry:   Cash Credit Cards
I've counted nearly 2,000 individual clothing items that are being displayed/offered at this event! 
I just took in 4 more rolling racks of fresh merchandise for the show.  Gentlemen this will be like nothing you've ever been to before!
I've started to get things organized for the sale.  Gentlemen there will be at least 300 high end suits and sportcoats in a vast range of sizing and styles.  EVERYTHING WILL BE A Neiman Marcus grade or above! There will be deals to be made! Come prepared to be shocked at this inventory.   I've posted a lot of pictures and some are extreme...such as the belts, minks, and so on.  Yes there will be a lot of fashion forward merchandise, but there is a sizable/equal amount of...
Full Length Mink Coat
Full Length Beaver Coat
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