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Can't think of any shops in particular on High Holborn, but if you head into the West End, Bates Hatters on Jermyn Street is a fantastic shop for all things headwear (entrance is through Hilditch and Key). Also the Vintage Showroom on Earlham Street in Covent Garden has some hidden gems - old rowing blazers, 50 year old Barbours, fishermen's sweaters etc.  
Oxford peach point shirt by Charles Tyrwhitt, Natural colour Guernsey sweater from Guernsey Woollens, Indigo 501s and inferior socks with a hole in the heel. 
Hello everyone   I'm the first to admit I don't know a thing about fashion, and I'm not too sure about style either, but I have a fondness for practical garments to cope with the weather here on the shores of the North Sea. I like chunky sweaters and over the years have built up a decent collection of traditional knitwear from along this coast, stretching from Norway and the Faroe Isles to Guernsey.   In terms of personal style I suppose 'outdoorsy' and 'British'...
Morning all   Apologies for the thread bump but I was looking up North Sea Clothing and ended up here. Ironically I live on the North Sea coast of Suffolk and have found it impossible to buy a decent, traditional fisherman's sweater locally. I picked up a Navy Blue Expedition sweater with shawl collar yesterday from Covent Garden in London. I'd like it for myself, but this one's intended as a gift for a friend. I already have a genuine issue Royal Navy Submariner...
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