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How sweet of you :)
People in their 20s are mostly immature and insecure, and self-centered, I guess this may be just the way it is, but not necessarily I reckon. 
click My Profile, then scroll down to find the Your Forum Signature, and click the Edit Signature on the right.  
True, I am in Guangzhou at the moment. Cockroaches in the company, at my apartment...
I'd say the above two posts are the answer to your question.    It's hard to change another person, so be the change yourself.   Good luck, bro.
This is sad...   I‘m not afraid of cockroaches myself, and I only find them annoyinng-- Nobody wants a strange bug to suddenly appear when working by the computer!   I'm more scared of those without an actual body...   But just now I did a small search on the Internet, and now I'm so determined to move out of my building, right away, this week...   Cuz they don't have a body when they are young...
I don't know what to say, either..
I like the word SOFORIFIC. LOL.
Haven't watched any episode of Matt Smith, I just love David so much... Guess I will need to give it a try
Welcome, crownvip! 
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