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Thanks for sharing all boots are very nice but this is the one I like best of the Galway in action, the third picture is the 202 last you said but still looks pretty sleek!
Lovely shoes and socks combo Cleav!
Exquisite outfit Roger, those Dovers would go great with the grey suit!
Thank you, it is the Bangor on the last 365, I could not believe my luck when I saw it on with the ridgeway sole which is my favourite, the shoes look much better in the real then in the picture!I did not need another brogue but just could not resist these!
As for the last, someone might say it looks blobby, but to me the proportions of 202 are just perfect. I do not think the 202E fitting last is a wide looking (Blobby) last at all! You can check with EG but as far as I know that the 202 last is the flagship last of EG, all the other last took shape from this one after, if I am not wrong. The 82 is very elegant but unfortunately not for everyone's feet, specially mine ! I love the look of this last but they kill my feet...
Very nice! thanks for sharing Unipair I was recently admiring a pair of Chelsea shoes and sometime the most simple things look the best , the Chelsea IMHO is one of the most elegant and perfect dress shoes a gentlemen can wear, just like a Patek Philippe Calatrava, simple yet elegant and epitome of class!
Very elegant shoes, thanks for sharing.
Sir, I was third in the queue so did not have to wait in the waiting area hence I missed you. Did you get anything nice for yourself? please share some pictures if you did.
To be honest I did look but found only one in my size 8 , there may well be doing a new run because I have not seen these shoes or many C&J made wit the ridgeway sole! They normally use dainite sole.
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