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Display at the London shop window in today.
Is there no risk that the tongue may tear ? I would try this on some boots if there s no risk of tearing the tongue.
Sorry if they seem a little redundant, but I wanted to help future viewers with a bunch of angles in case they were agonizing over the shape. My first impression is that they successfully slimmed down the "bulbous" toebox notion just enough. It's still very much a country boot and is only "sleek" in comparison to the original. Lovely boots, I am going to try on a pair tomorrow. The original Islay boots I had were a bit too wide for me hence I had to sell them.
Strange you say that I have had a few Lobb's that stretched out a lot maybe another size up!I think it is because JL recommends using creams and I think creams soften the leather and hence become loose.
Today's MTO delivery from LeatherSoul, Hawaii. Welland in Cloud antique. Thanks to my guy Justin for the pics and the forever on-point service. [/quote] Very elegant!
Stay with the same size but try the F width last if you have slightly broad feet, Westminster on the 888F last was one of the the most comfortable shoe I have had.
82 is a derivation of the 202 but with a narrower toe I was made to believe at the shop.202E and 888F fit me the best
100% Westminster, you can not go wrong !
Maiden voyage
These are great and can be worn indoors as the sherling is only around the ankle..Great boots!
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