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I find the 82 is the best looking last by EG and the look is just like or closest to a fully bespoke shoe but sadly this last is not for my feet.The 202 is the best fitting last for me but does not look as sharp as the 82 !The 64 last IMHO only suits the Galway boots with ridgeway sole but cannot be worn with formal trousers, 99.5% of the time I wear chinos or jeans so the 64 and 58 last work fine for me.I have a pair of JL on the 7000 last and agree that they are a bit...
Get a pair of Dundee they come on the Ridgeway sole and are perfect for any weather. I also wear suede shoes in the rain and have had no problems so far just use a good protector spray after a few wears .
The 64E fits true to size but the F 64 last is slightly generous to accommodate thick socksI I have the boots in the 64E last because of the shearling I prefer to wear them with thinner socks .
Perfect , lovey boots, thanks for sharing the pictures and enjoy.
If the 82F is roomy for you go with the 64E instead of 64F fitting as you may find it to be a bit more roomy for you. As always best to try on the size and fitting before you buy if you can.
Does anyone know if they do thick lace, like the one used by EG for the DOAK/walnut CC Galway? I think thick lace will also look more balanced with the heavy duty boots[/quote] Newstart, I have sent you a PM regarding laces.
I had a pair in pewter and they certainly were a light shade of brown, very nice though in the suede.
Beautiful, enjoy
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