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Lovely shoes but as Roger said if they don't feel comfortable then they are no good for you. I love the look of the 82 last but sadly cannot wear any shoe or boot made on them.
Gentlemen thank you on the comments for the boots. I never realised that “Delapre,” is such an amazingly supple and beautiful leather, it was really difficult to capture the real colour last night but I will take a better picture in the sunlight. Anyone with broad feet and any pinching toe issues like me must try the new 72 last, it is so comfortable.
Namor, the fit with this new 72 last is the best I have ever had on any of my boots to be honest, for my feet they are 100% perfect but I have only tried this boot not sure how the shoes would fit. This new leather is really nice and soft so that may also be making a difference with the fit. I just cannot understand why they decided not to keep this boot in their regular collection.
I passed by the factory today on my way back from Northampton and picked up a pair of really unique but beautiful boots which did not make it to the production line for some strange reason but I am over the moon! The new 72 last fits me so well I think these are the most comfortable pair of boots I have ever had and the Delapre leather is so soft but very resilient at the same time.
Are you joking? I am sorry but I think this is a very inappropriate comment! if the gentlemen paid full price this is not acceptable and he should be fully refunded if he bought them at the factory shop or a warehouse sale then maybe I can understand he should have checked the fault before purchasing.
Sorry to hear this Skoaktiebolaget
No they did still have shoes on sale and a lovely pair of lovely pair of Alderley boots in black grained calf in size 9 or 9.5 not sure as I could only see from the window the shop was closed on Sunday.JR Magat , lovely collection of EG's.
Display at the London shop window in today.
Is there no risk that the tongue may tear ? I would try this on some boots if there s no risk of tearing the tongue.
Sorry if they seem a little redundant, but I wanted to help future viewers with a bunch of angles in case they were agonizing over the shape. My first impression is that they successfully slimmed down the "bulbous" toebox notion just enough. It's still very much a country boot and is only "sleek" in comparison to the original. Lovely boots, I am going to try on a pair tomorrow. The original Islay boots I had were a bit too wide for me hence I had to sell them.
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