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I like it and think it is a classic, is it on the 202 last if I am not wrong?
Absolutely beautiful!
Roger, Is it the 64F or 64E that fits your perfectly?If it is the F width that is good for you then I would stay with the same size on the 72 lastI find the 64F a very good fit but the 72 is just perfect for me.
If anyone has feet like mine then this is the best last for them, I have found the 72 to be the most comfortable last for me with the 202 and 64 following close.
Both boots are nice but I prefer the GalwayJust get the Galway now if you can afford it otherwise you will buy the Coniston and then get the Galway boots later anyway! LOL
I have experienced this problem many times , the reason is that you wear the shoes or boots in the shape for maybe five or ten minutes and think they are fine but during a full day once your feet swell they start to feel uncomfortable. I have bought a and sold about five pairs of Galway boots on the 82 last just because I though they fitted me in the shop but you learn by experience.
The boots are now sold
Take the same size
Great looking boots!
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