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Congratulations and enjoy your lovely boots, I think the 64last is the best suited last for the Galway boot!
These are beautiful!
Wow Namor! how did I miss that boot!
If you are planing to wear thick socks with the F last boots then go with the same size, I have the Galway in the F64 and E64 last but prefer the E fit, with the F fit last I have to wear quite thick socks ( falke tk2) otherwise my feet are swimming!
Ready for work tomorrow
Lovely boots, I found that the some of the waterproofing waxes when used over time can lighten the colour of the leather. I just use the EG regular polish and saphir cream if needed.
I visited the store today
Wow! Beautiful boots and shoes, congratulation, enjoy and wear in good health. Thanks for sharing
Is this me! LOLGent's, sometimes this may be confusing for some readers on this forum, they see my post of how much I love and praise the Galway boots on the other hand I have sold a beautiful pair recently?The only reason I sold the Galway on the 82 last is because the 82 and 888 last's which I love most does not suit my feet because my foot is quite broad at the front, they are not comfortable for all day wear for me.I still have and wear the Galway's on the 64 and 202...
Beautiful calatravas , my vote is for the one second from top!
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