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Both are beautiful shoes, thanks for sharing.
If I were to buy a Dover it would be this one on the 606 last, beautiful shoes!
Very elegant! Thanks for sharing.
[ 2) Re-sell of our substandard shoes online. This unfortunately is something that is extremely difficult to control once the substandard shoes have left our doorstep. Our factory shop is extremely good value, and unfortunately, this lends itself to abuse that ultimately devalues Crockett & Jones.  Kind regards, James [/quote] I agree with this answer from James 100% There was a time when Jl were selling more shoes bought from their factory shop on e-bay then from...
Sadly C&J do not stock these boots as their own stock , they are called the Lancaster boots made for Holland & Holland, I have the suede version also, love them both !
@hoodog @rogerp your shoes are beautiful! enjoy and thanks for sharing The Edwardian version would be perfect for the summer!
This one is Mahogany country calf.
Very nice combo!
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