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Nice but not for me! a bit too dainty for my liking.
They look nice, enjoy
Thank you.
Thanks Namor, I will try them also. The leather laces Viberg use are the best ones I like.I think there is someone selling the oiled leather laces ones on e-bay so I will have a look at them as well.http://www.michaels.com/general-crafts-and-hobbies/leather-crafting/809188692cut to order for each pair[/quote]
Yes please Namor, I have also emailed Guy from Viberg to see if they can sell me some! i am going to visit Trickers on Saturday so will see it they sell any.Try a thicker leather lace.I buy bulk lengths of 1/8" width pre-oiled leather cord and have not had an issue with them breaking easily.Sir I do not know where you buy these from? I have got a pair of Timberland leather ones so lets see how they hold out but the colour is not right they are almost black!
Beautiful boots, thank you for sharing. Richard is a great guy to work with and knows his stuff very well.
No, I am trying to source some flat waxed laces but they are difficult to find in this length! 5mm may also be a bit too thick so I am looking for may be 3 or 4mm.i have tried leather laces which look great but they break very easily.
Gents, brown or multicoloured laces?
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