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Speaking about compliments on watches from the general public with a friend I have never had as many compliments on any of my PP, VC, L&S, IWC or Pam as much as I get on this watch which was just an impulse buy because I do not like skeleton watches much anyway!
Looking good and if you are happy with the fit then why not but the lacing on these Derby boots is already fully closed ! That suede will give a bit over time.Anyway thanks for sharing these lovely Galway boots.
I am 100% with you on this, a few weeks ago I tried on a pair on the new 890 last which looked a bit too Italian for me!One of the reason I buy English shoes is that I prefer the elegant shape of the shoes compared to some of the more flamboyant offerings.However the new 72 last is a superb fit for me just like the 202 or 64 last.
Yes sorry 7 and 7.5 in European I think it is equivalent to 41 and 42.5
I think you may need 41.5 on the 888 and 41 on the 202 but you need to be sure if they are an E or F width.
Very nice but treat them before wearing in the snow otherwise the leather may stain.
Lovely shoes and a very nice picture.
I like it and think it is a classic, is it on the 202 last if I am not wrong?
Absolutely beautiful!
Roger, Is it the 64F or 64E that fits your perfectly?If it is the F width that is good for you then I would stay with the same size on the 72 lastI find the 64F a very good fit but the 72 is just perfect for me.
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