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No, I am trying to source some flat waxed laces but they are difficult to find in this length! 5mm may also be a bit too thick so I am looking for may be 3 or 4mm.i have tried leather laces which look great but they break very easily.
Gents, brown or multicoloured laces?
This is correct Sir, it will also not look good on the ridgeway/medway sole IMHO, everyone has their own preferences of last, colour and sole which is good, nothing wrong with it as everyones feet are not the same hence I would stay away from a group order. I am sure we all will understand @Leaves will not be able to please everyone.If not a group order then for sure you may be able to place an order from the shop directly but this may come an extra premium!
I agree with you Nikola, this is not my favourite last, I would love the same colour combination on the 202 or 64 last with a medway or ridgeway sole! I will visit the shop next saturday as it is the last day before they closed for refurbishment so I will ask them if this can be done.
Ok, this is the colour from top to bottom1st from top on the picture , Last 64E rosewood country calf with shearling suede2nd , Last 202 E , Almond country calf.3rd, Last 82E dark oak and walnut country calf.4Th , this is the Holland&Holland boot on 64F last and a lighter shade of Rosewood.
Below are the Galway boots I have on four different last's which may be helpful From the left to right and from top to bottom. 1, on the 64E last , true to size and the most comfortable with normal socks 2, on the 202 E last, true to size and comfortable. 3, on the 82E last , looks the best but not the most comfortable boots! I had to go for a half size up. 4, on the 64F last , comfortable but with thick winter socks, I wear them with Falke 2 socks. 5, I am looking to...
Interesting video, thank you for sharing and lets hope that 90% of the general public start buying shoes made like this! My God! do not ask what I see on most mens feet these days whenever I travel to the city.Those EG Falkirks are lovely MoosicPA.
I have used LP obenaufs on my boots but have not noticed any difference in performance or colour of the boots! These days I just use the normal EG wax polish if the boots need it.
They are beautiful shoes!
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