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[/quote] Dainty Edward Green shoes, Italian style! I remember passing on a pair to a friend similar style but they said Edward Green made in Italy!
I wore these today !
Tthis last is just not for you! I would have been many thousand of pounds better off had I listened to myself years ago! As much as I love the look of this sleek last it is just not for my foot.Try the 202 last instead.
Belated Happy Birthday Newstart, hope you had a good pick at the sales.
The shop in London has a sale in June and December after Christmas
I will be paying them a visit on Saturday morning , can't wait😊
The problem is with the feet! my left foot is slightly bigger then my right foot and if you are on your feet all day the feet swell out hence your shoes may be feeling tighter.This problem can occur with any shoes it is not a problem with Edward Green shoes only!
If the shoes are on a F last you can size half a size down otherwise I would just take the normal size
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