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I like the shoes, very nice makeup but I am not sure about the sole! never seen these before?Thanks for sharing these good looking shoes.
Perfect shoes to wear with jeans or chinos.I was looking at these in the summer myself .Very nice congratulations
The weekend is here!
Very nice! the Galway boots are for all weather!Lovely shine, are these from H&H? because something about the boots I also have from H&H they shine up very well, much better then the other Galway boots!
Beautiful Dovers, Congratulations, Not sure where was it mentioned that the 202E last was blobby when this was the flagship of last from Edward Green if I am not wrong!The dainty 82 last which looks very nice and was made to look like a bespoke shoe but cannot accommodate some peoples feet, came after the 202!
Great boots, love the rosewood colour and you are right it does not get too warm indoors, I wore mine in the office all day and they were very comfortable just need to break them in a bit more.I preferred a tighter fit as I was not planning to wear thick socks with the shearling linned Galways anyway.
Beautiful pair of Chelsea's Nikola and a lovely high shine on the toes! Enjoy
Both of my boots on the 64E last have broken in fine I would not suggest to go for a size bigger unless you want to wear them with very thick boot socksBecause mine are shearling lined I wear them with dress socks.
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