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I keep my with the shoe trees inserted in the box in my shoe cupboard but not always in the shoe bags unless I am storing them away for a while or travelling. I also like to brush or clean my shoes every time before wearing.I also think that the shoe trees from EG are one of the best as they fit the last and shape of the shoes so well, I do have other shoe trees which I use for my shoes and boots but the EG ones fit perfectly with their shoes.
The boots are not marked as seconds as you will see from the pictures because EG Mark a B inside their shoes if they are seconds and I have bought from the factory many times and always there is the explanation of the problem inside the box written in a sheet of paper!I can fully understand if I had bought them on eBay or from the factory shop I would expect some imperfections but buying them from the flagship boutique is what has shocked me the most! I have found my...
Gentlemen, I need a bit of advice please. I bought a pair of Galway boots from the EG shop in London last July which I moved on to a fellow member . We both new about a colour variation between the inside of the tongue of both boots , something I did not notice while I was at the shop at the time of buying the boots but only realised later and the boots were on sale but I was never told that this was the problem with the boots! Anyway today he has written the following...
This will be a beautiful Galway boot!
Wow wonderful collection of Galway! Thanks for sharing
Lovely boots, if they fit well keep them.
LOL, yes that is what I thought also but the bloody thing gets noticed even on a simple black alligator strap!The watch came on a leather alligator print strap but I could not stand that for a minute so had to change it straight away. I must say though that the quality of that fake alligator strap the watch came with was so good that when I went to a specialist strap maker shop even they could not tell if the strap is a real alligator one or just alligator print on...
I wish I had the Lange 1 and 1815 still that all have long gone! As they say all good things come to an end LOL
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