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Very nice collection, thanks for sharing.
If cost is not an issue and they both fit you the same then I would go with the JL as I have seen both boots and tried them on, the JL is much better IMHO and I prefer the positioning of the buckle on the JL.
Thanks Cleav, if you know anyone who makes nice vintage straps please do let me know I am looking for a nice vintage strap for this watch
Anyone like vintage watches? I am enjoying wearing this one these days a lot! In comparison to my Portuguese it feels tiny!
Beautiful shoes, congratulations, enjoy.
Thank you, yes it is the 64E last.
Thanks gents for for your concern and I understand that you may be feeling my pain! Cleav, I am in between a 8 and 8.5. Most of my shoes and boots are in size UK 8.
I am not why I have this problem but recently it has stared becoming worse! This could be due to certain medication I take there may be some water retention, during the day my feet swell a lot and this could be putting pressure on the small toes. This does not only happen in EG shoes, any shoe I wear this is a problem of course unless I wear trainers which I do not like, having said that I do have a pair of Berluti trainers but they are more shoes then trainers if you know...
LOL , not selling yet Sir! I am a size 8- 8.5. Depending on the shape and style that will be no good for you anyway! LOL
On the topic of shoe sizes after a recent visit to my podiatrist, I may have to seriously consider my collection of footwear! I have been wearing JL and EG shoes for about thirty years but once or twice in the year I develop serious corns on my small toes! She is adamant this is to do with the type of shoes I wear daily and advised me I should look to a different style or size! I love my shoes and am not a trainer's type of guy! let this not be discouraging to any one...
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