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They are made for Holland & Holland. You may be able to see it on the H&H old web catalogue called the Lancaster boots.
Thank you, Not sure what the model is but the watch is from the late 50's !
A strange thing with watches, I have lost thousands of pounds on watches that I have bought and sold over the years but on this one I have been offered three times the amount I bought it for but still do not want to part with it!
I just use a light brown polish on most of my brown shade shoes
Thank you Giannni, the only problem buying these makes of shoes is when it comes to selling them no one wants to know! Not like my JL, EG or C&J which sell within minutes! LOL
I have listed these for sale in the SC anyone interested please send me an email, I have just never had a chance to wear these.
For sale is a pair of St Crispin shoes in Uk size 8 SAINT CRISPIN’S 105 Oxford wingtip full brogue Amazing wingtip in a beautiful mocca suede & dark oak box calf mixed. extreme chiseled last…Elegant, sculptured and unabashedly european,this is truly a luxury shoe, excellent for wearing with jeans or a suit. Retail is over GBP 1000/= Lasted shoe trees included One of the world’s smallest luxury shoe manufacturers, Saint Crispin’s is renowned amongst shoe and fashion...
The weather is warming up here but I still enjoy wearing boots! does anyone else wear boots in summer?
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