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Lovely, Towcester?
Great boots congratulations!
Beautiful boots, thanks for sharing.
I would just go for the normal same size E standard fitting by EG, both the models if they are on the standard 606 and 888 last should be fine as these lasts are not generous or too narrow.A US size 10 will be a UK size 9.5E in EG if I am not wrong.Enjoy your shoes, I hope the size works out well for you and you can not go wrong with any of the two models you have chosen.
My advice to you would be to stay clear of the 82 last, try something on the 202 or 64 last instead.
Gentlemen, I have a bit of a dilemma and need some advice! I gave in a pair of my Edward Green boots made for Holland and Holland to have the sole replaced last month at the Holland and Holland shop in London where I had bought the boots from. Today I went to collect them and to my horror they replaced them with the studded dainite sole instead of the Medway sole it originally came with! When I was buying the boots in I was told that they send them to the factory where...
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