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Nice boot but I have trouble bending over and lacing up my Galway boots from the front, God know how would I manage this! LOL
BUT, apart from these natural signs, the boots are unworn. I haven't decided yet if I'm letting these go so, in case that happens, I'm making sure I have shared previously these photos with you. For history sake. [/quote] Have them resoled with a rubber sole and you will be fine, I am afraid to say what a mess it is with those metal studs on the sole of these lovely boots! I think they will be fine on the golf course though!
Beautiful watch and strap combo, thanks for sharing, love it! Is this an OEM strap?
Thank you Sir..
I hope this does not violate the rule of this thread in anyway but I am wondering if these shoes I am wearing today were made by EG? I bought them about eight years ago from Cleverley but I do not think Cleverley make their own ready to wear shoes!
+1, I regret selling mine, only because it was in RG and I prefer PT and am looking for one in WG but the prices now have more then tripled!Anyway lets stick to EG shoes and boots, found this on the internet which I think is a good picture of a great boot!
Very nice, thanks for sharing, every time I buy a few items from RRL but this year I found nothing I really liked!
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