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Lovely collection of boots!
Beautiful PP Brax , congratulations and wear in good health.
Great boots, I prefer the dark oak to be as dark as these! I have seen dark oak in a medium shade of brown which is not really dark oak IMHO!
Wow, lets see what is inside!
Thanks gentlemen,this is my first Tissot and I am quite pleased with it so far.
Last Monday! Today for this week!
I am not sure of the 808 last fit, If it is on the 82E or 64E last stay with the same size but if it is a 64F you may want to get half a size down.There is a big difference between the look of the Galway boots on the 82 and 64 last, 82 last being more dressy and smart and the 64last has quite a casual look.
The. Inverness 888F in Edwardian is beautiful!
Same here I love the 202 last, hope they do not stop using this last!
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