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Excellent choice.
Thanks Justin, they are on the 58 last, one of my most comfortable shoes.
A hugh thank you to you LOL!
My vote would be for the Rosewood CC.
I agree 100% the Galway on the 64 last is the most authentic looking country/ hunting boots the rest are all secondary for me!
The boots are good and the 72 last is great but I would not be able to wear this colour.
Watch 100%
Congratulation BenLeaman and NewStart on the new addition to your family, hope mothers and babies are doing well by the grace of the Almighty.
So true Cleav. And yes sometimes you can pick up some really good bargains at M&S
If the shoe lets your feet slip out when laced up then this is really not a good fit if you ask me but if you are happy with them then it is fine.I personally do not prefer insoles unless they are orthotic insoles for walking boots which is fine otherwise I think dress shoes should fit like a glove from day one for me otherwise it is a waste IMHO.
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