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These are lovely shoes, I will try this make next time.
Endless gratitude to a fellow shoe lover and a thorough gentlemen Newstart who kindly picked these up for me, I could not make it to the city until next week due to work commitments!
Thank you Leaves, beautiful last but unfortunately just not for my ugly feet! LOL
[/quote] Looks very nice, thanks for sharing I like the combo!
I would stick with the same size unless it is something like the 64Last , then you can size half a size down.
The one big thing that hold me back for now is the USPS shipping used by Leffot. Anyone know about the import/custom charge when buying from Leffot? The Shannon looks great, VAT and Duty Works out about just over 20% of the value they declare on the invoice!
Beautiful shoes enjoy, thanks for sharing , I missed out on my size!
Very nice congratulations , are these on the 58F or 58E last?
Congratulations , i am sure you will love them, please do share a picture when they arrive.
New Posts  All Forums: