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Watch 100%
Congratulation BenLeaman and NewStart on the new addition to your family, hope mothers and babies are doing well by the grace of the Almighty.
So true Cleav. And yes sometimes you can pick up some really good bargains at M&S
If the shoe lets your feet slip out when laced up then this is really not a good fit if you ask me but if you are happy with them then it is fine.I personally do not prefer insoles unless they are orthotic insoles for walking boots which is fine otherwise I think dress shoes should fit like a glove from day one for me otherwise it is a waste IMHO.
The 202 last I believe is the flagship last by EG, elegant and very traditionally English, a very comfortable last which I can wear all day without any problems at all.The 82 last is the nearest looking last to a bespoke shoe, beautiful, slender and elegant, IMHO I think it is the best looking last in the business but if they fit your feet.I have quite broad feet and the 82 last unfortunately does not work for me.The main difference between the two last's is mainly at the...
100% correct, they can sell plimsoles in any colour boxes, personally I think pink would have been a better option! LOLI read an article about twenty years ago or maybe more in one of the newspapers and it stated " These are the shoes you may want to be buried in and take to the grave" I agreed then but surely not anymore.
I just can not see how they are being respectful to the brands history by producing plimsoles! One can easily see the difference between JL St James ( What I call the real LOBB) and the shop on Jermyn street.Even these were good times for me shopping at JL but these days the shoes are so different!
Congratulations, wonderful boots , thanks for sharing 👍
Congratulations on the new Galway boots and can we please have a picture of your beauties
Everyone's feet are slightly different so you really need to make sure before you order your boots or shoes IMHOI get a perfect fit with the 64F last on size 8UK, I love the look of the Galway on this last but then again view is biased as I absolutely love everything to do with hunting!On the 202E I take a 8.5UK and the fit is greatI love the shape and look of the 82 last and think it looks the closest to a bespoke shoe but it just kills my toes!The experts at the shop may...
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