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If you are not sure of the fit then it is not really worth it as I know someone who has had a fully bespoke shoe made for himself and told me if he were honest they were the most uncomfortable shoes he has ever worn!This may not be the case with everyone but in my opinion if the shoe does not fit and feel good then it is a complete waste. Try the RTW at least you have the option to return it if it does not fit.
Thank you for clarifying this.
Excellent picture thank you for sharing but I think if I am not wrong this is not the same John Lobb that most people know or have heard of which is JL Paris owned now by Hermes, a shop in Jermyn street London also shops in some cities around the world. Please correct me if I am wrong but I do not think both are the same company?The JL that HRH is visiting is The John Jobb St.James who make only made to measure shoes and boots at around GBP 3000/= plus a pair which are...
Yes it certainly looks to be the 82 last
Very nice, is this the Adelaide?
If you like the Talisker then you will love the Lagavulin 16 Year Old which is my favourite, but not to everyones taste.
Feeling a bit summery today!
Start off with the Davidoff acrylic humidor it is brilliant and really works very well, I have been using them for over 25 years. The EB is very good if it is within your budget then why not!
Thank you, I wear chinos about 95% of the time so they go very well with them.
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