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Be careful the F fitting does not always work as stated , go with the 64E and stay with the same sizeI have a F64 fitting Galway and with normal socks my feet are swimming! I have to wear very thick socks with them or an insole . The E 64 last is perfect for me after a few wears .
You are welcome Sir and I really wish I had many of the forum members coming along with me.I have posted a pair of Galway boots which I bought.
I did visit the factory sale today after great debate if I should go or not after what was shown in the news about the black friday sales here in the UK! What a shame, anyway they crowned at EG were very well behaved but I left after about 30 minutes.The queue was not very long this time I arrived at 8AM and was 3rd in line, there were about 15 people after me.The prices were from 350 unto 415 some some were near perfect A1 .The shoe bags were 5 pounds a pair. I did notice...
Thanks, LOL on and off this must be my fifteenth pair of Galway boots I have bought over the years, sold a few that were on the 82 last as they were not comfortable for me.
I visited the C&J factory shop this morning for the first time as I was in Northampton and found which I thing for me is a perfect pair of brogues, I just love the texture of the Roughout suede and luckily also on my favourite sole!
I got myself another pair of Galway boots! I need my head examined! LOL
Beautiful boots, congratulations and enjoy.
Some beautiful shoes here , love the Dover in CC with dainite sole
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