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LOL! correct you are. The first pair of EG i ever bought cost me GBP 239 and the last pair I bought about a year ago set me back GBP 800!Same with most luxury goods E.g watches!
Very elegant!
These look good Justin, I would like them with a nice rubber sole if that was possible but that is mu choice.
Very nice, I may have to look for a Dover myself but on the correct last for me!
The last time I was in the shop and saw one of their shoe trees it was exactly like the ones make by St Crispin the wood used was also the same!The William sold now come with shoe trees so I suppose they must be properly lasted! Bought on their own they were GBP 120/= if I remember correctly.
Good looking combo!
That was Rosewood country calf with tobacco shearlingI want the same but on the 202 last and suede instead of shearling!
Lovely! both look the same I cannot tell the difference from this picture.
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