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I love the watch go for it, you cannot go wrong with that watch , which model are you looking to get?
Personally I would choose Dark oak but depends what colours you wear mostly, I like the black also and would love to have one of each .I had one in Night shade and sold it I am regretting it ever since šŸ˜©
Westminister on the (888)
While the vast majority of watches made today are quartz models but I have never liked them, many people believe that wearing a fine mechanical watch sets them apart from the crowd but for me it was always a matter of personal taste. While the mechanical watch has become a status symbol these days I always have and still love them to bits but I feel the current prices are just going crazy! While I always have valued the craftsmanship required to create a mechanical...
I have seen some of their watches at Harrod's and they seam to be well made and moderately priced.
You are getting fitted wearing sports socks for dress shoes/boots?The only time I wear these type of socks are with my walking boots or pair of Trickers (which are built like a tank and one size bigger) hence I have to buy walking boots in size 9.
Now, Ā being the moron I am sometimesĀ I may sell these and buy the same pair on 202 last as I am obsessed with the rounded toe though my friends are saying the 82Ā is far more handsome than the blobby 202. 202 last blobby, my God you have friends with very dainty feet! 202 is the classic English last for EG this is the last from which the 82 last derived from later, anyway if the 82 last works better for you why not, comfort is first as you will learn when you reach my...
Thank you, please can you also compare the last on both shoes.I find The 7000 last JL is exactly the same as the EG 82 with slightly more space at the toe end with the JL.
I do not understand how people size down on John Lobb compared to EG?Trickers and Crockett&Jones yes but so much difference between EG and JL?I have on my left foot now as I type a pair of EG in size 8.5 58E last shoe and on my right foot a JL on the 7000 last size 8.5Eboth fit perfectly fine, in fact if anything the EG is a touch loose but not that I need any insole or anything, they feel exactly the sameThere is no way on earth I could get my feet in the same shoe in a...
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