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Classic 👌
Very nice, thanks for sharing
Thanks for sharing.
That would look nice if the leather was smooth but on grained leather I prefer just a nice matt look but the leather has a bit of shine to it anyway!
Treat yourself, I am sure you won’t regret it! And no, the other version don't come close in my opinion, they are nice but not the best! LOL
I bought the shoes along with my best friend for myself in the hope to wear them on his wedding but sadly he passed away at the age of 39 all of a sudden from a massive heart attack! This left me devastated as you can imagine.I have never been able to get myself to wear them and neither the courage to part with them, I am hoping I can wear them at my sons wedding if I do not get a chance to wear them before that!There has not been a day in the last nine years that I have...
Someone asked me to share a few pictures with him of my JL 2005 so I thought I will share them here as well!
Beautiful combo! I really like that
64 last?[/quote] Yes this is the F 64 but not much of a difference between the F and E fitting F64 E64
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