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I just cannot get enough of buying these watches! My second Shinola in 6 weeks, I just wish they can put a Machanical hand wind movement.
I don't understand why people have sex if they're going to wear condoms. I would have expected an bit more of an intelligent comparison but anyway who am I to judge! Anyway enjoy your shoes.
LOL, I do not understand why buy suede shoes when you have to do this to them?I have a pair of suede shoes which are nearly 15years old which have been through rain and puddles of water but still look very good.I say just wear them and enjoy, when they are wet just put your shoe trees in them and let them dry naturally after that give them a light brush and you are all set!
I am afraid they may be too tight for you but you should also try the same size but in 888 F fitting
Glad the 202 last also worked for you. The importance of comfort and fit is something I have come to realise with age. You need to find a shoe with the last that fits your individual foot.
Glad there is now some love showing for the 202 last finally. I have always said the 82 last looks beautiful but sadly the fit is not for every feet.The 202 E last is the classic English flagship last from Eg IMHO.
IWC for me! I cannot get my straps to wear out quickly enough so I can buy another strap! LOL
I have a 7.5inch wrist and it is quite a substantial size watch so please make sure first if you are happy with the size.
The 202 is perfect for me82E my feet and toes kill after a few hours.F82, tried a pair of Galway boots the fit was OK but just did not like the shape of the boots, The 82E looks best on the E fitting but it is too tight for me at the toe end.Having said that I have seen a few pairs of shoes on the 82F last and they seam to look OK but I have never tried one hence I just stick to the 202E or 72E last
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