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Thank you for sharing and glad you are enjoying the British craftsmanship.
Interesting article in the BBC news today about British watchmaking
Due to the way the lugs are set on the Shinola trust me the watch sits very comfortably on the wrist, yes depending on the size of your wrist the 47 may be too big but they also offer the same watch in a 41mm size and even a 38mm.I have the 47mm and the watches sit very comfortably on my 7.5inch wrist, my son has a much smaller size wrist and wears a PAM88 everyday but surprisingly he found the 47mm Shinola much more comfortable on his wrist also.I just hope they go for a...
I agree that the watch may not even be worth a value of 2 pounds but the problem is that I have owned and worn watches worth with a value of over fifty thousand dollars that do not look and feel that good! These are my first quartz watches ever and sadly I have to say they keep time much better then the other expensive watches that I have!A friend of mine bought a Rolex with a few diamonds in them and even if he were to pay me everyday to wear that watch I would not be...
Yesterday afternoon, I stopped into a menswear boutique in Brooklyn that is having a going-out-of-business sale, and that exact watch was 50% off, or $300. I'm looking for a watch with a black face and a tan or brown strap, and this certainly fits the bill, but I had been looking for an automatic. Trying to decide if its worthwhile to drop $300 on something that wasn't my *first* choice.Wow! $ 300 is a great price for the watch, we are not that lucky here in the UK ,...
I love the orange strap on this watch!
I just cannot get enough of buying these watches! My second Shinola in 6 weeks, I just wish they can put a Machanical hand wind movement.
I don't understand why people have sex if they're going to wear condoms. I would have expected an bit more of an intelligent comparison but anyway who am I to judge! Anyway enjoy your shoes.
LOL, I do not understand why buy suede shoes when you have to do this to them?I have a pair of suede shoes which are nearly 15years old which have been through rain and puddles of water but still look very good.I say just wear them and enjoy, when they are wet just put your shoe trees in them and let them dry naturally after that give them a light brush and you are all set!
I am afraid they may be too tight for you but you should also try the same size but in 888 F fitting
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