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Very nice, enjoy!
Very smart, I like suede a lot.
These are very nice Dover's!
Still classic today [/quote] Lovely!
Luc13 , nice shoe, socks and trouser combination!
These shoe trees look equally as good to me! http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/shoe-care/products/skoaktiebolaget-cherry-shoe-trees-1
Thanks for the info. luckily I have never had this on any of my shoes EG or other! in the rain just a few spots show up on my cordovan shoes but nothing major and they go away after a while maybe this is like the same that happens on the calf leather as well. There you go (fairlynerdy) nothing to worry about now.
Oh! I have never seen this before, maybe you need to ask the shop you bought them from so they can have a closer look and investigate
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