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On request for a gentlemen, both boots are made for Holland & Holland , I love them as much as I love my Galway boots!
Of course, I will send you en e-mail or post them on the C&J page as this is a EG thread I do not want to post them here but we can enjoy this picture for now!
Sir, as much as I love EG not all their shoes or boots are to my liking! I have some boots from C&J made for Holland & Holland which I think are far better then some of the EG's I have.Interesting and good to read about what one gentlemen had to say about Alden as I am just about to add a pair of Alden boots to my collection!
Yes it is.
I agree 100% it is also my favourite boot!
Excellent collection of shoes Luc! Thanks for sharing
The leather on these boots is quite thick and strong, the boots are by no means soft!
Talk about super comfy!
Beautiful pair of Oxford's
Nice colour and lovely leather, a Galway boots would also look very nice'
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