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IWC for me! I cannot get my straps to wear out quickly enough so I can buy another strap! LOL
I have a 7.5inch wrist and it is quite a substantial size watch so please make sure first if you are happy with the size.
The 202 is perfect for me82E my feet and toes kill after a few hours.F82, tried a pair of Galway boots the fit was OK but just did not like the shape of the boots, The 82E looks best on the E fitting but it is too tight for me at the toe end.Having said that I have seen a few pairs of shoes on the 82F last and they seam to look OK but I have never tried one hence I just stick to the 202E or 72E last
I love the watch go for it, you cannot go wrong with that watch , which model are you looking to get?
Personally I would choose Dark oak but depends what colours you wear mostly, I like the black also and would love to have one of each .I had one in Night shade and sold it I am regretting it ever since 😩
Westminister on the (888)
While the vast majority of watches made today are quartz models but I have never liked them, many people believe that wearing a fine mechanical watch sets them apart from the crowd but for me it was always a matter of personal taste. While the mechanical watch has become a status symbol these days I always have and still love them to bits but I feel the current prices are just going crazy! While I always have valued the craftsmanship required to create a mechanical...
I have seen some of their watches at Harrod's and they seam to be well made and moderately priced.
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