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Very nice, enjoy the boots .
Very nice one Farhad - I guess you will have a hard time choosing between this and the Dundee[/quote] The Dundee in summer and the boots in Autumn/winter that is my plan! Thank you for helping me get the Dundee but the Galway are from Westley Richards
Now with the amount of rain we had in London yesterday it is about time I start breaking these in!
These are beautiful shoes !
Disaster of the highest order if this is true! E-mail from Holland & Holland as to my repair Dear Mr Karimi, I hope you are well. I have spoken to the manager regarding the sole and the reason to why they have put the sole on is because the ridgeway is no longer being produced as a sole. Kind Regards, The EG factory is on holiday so they can not confirm if this is true or not!
Sorry wrong post!
Very nice!
Lovely, Towcester?
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