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Beautiful colour the shoes are now, before they were just unwearable! They look excellent now, Enjoy.
Yes you are right, (buy cheap buy twice) it cost be around GBP 180 which will now go in the bin!I think this is pig leather as I have never seen such rubbish in my entire life! you can not wax it or polish it as the finish is more like rubber/plastic then leather?Oh! why do I even look at anything besides my favourites JL. EG , C&J, Viberg or Trickers! You would think at this age I would have learnt my lesson by now LOL)-
An article in the Sunday times magazine, interesting but they have the pricing wrong the shoes are around GBP 4000!
God knows which line it is but feels like a mixture of leather , rubber and plastic.
I recently bought a pair of Alfred Sargent boots, I have a lot of respect for this brand and consider them to be very well made good English shoes but I must admit the quality of the leather used on these boots is the worst I have ever seen! When it comes to cheap leather I wish companies like these should just refuse to use such cheap quality leather!
I take an E 8 in the 202 and 64 last and 8.5 in a all the other last but it also depends on the shape of your feet. Best to try on a pair before you buy, what may be a good fit for me does not mean it will be the same for you.
Congratulations and enjoy your lovely boots, I think the 64last is the best suited last for the Galway boot!
These are beautiful!
Wow Namor! how did I miss that boot!
If you are planing to wear thick socks with the F last boots then go with the same size, I have the Galway in the F64 and E64 last but prefer the E fit, with the F fit last I have to wear quite thick socks ( falke tk2) otherwise my feet are swimming!
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