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Wonderful pair of shoes Cleave really nice, congratulation. I think it is about time I need to get myself a pair of Dovers
The only time I have seen something like this was on a pair of dark oak Galway boots I had but the shop explained that it was something to do with bonded leather or something like that. I was fine with them but sold the shoes because of the 82 last that I found uncomfortable for me. See what the retailer has to say.
Not long to go now but I wear boots in the summer as well!
Very nice! the tobacco suede is a lovely colour
I cannot find a pair of more comfortable brouges! I have been wearing these for the last few weeks non stop! LOL
I am not familiar with the Alden last but all I can say is there is a bit of difference in the fit with EG E and F lastI have quite wide feet but the E fitting 64 last is good enough for me.I would suggest you try a pair on before you decide to buy tow pairs or at least the option to exchange them if the fit is not right for you.
Glad to see Westley Richards carrying my favourite boot! their customer service is excellent. http://store.westleyrichards.com/edward-green-galway-shearling-lined-leather-suede-boots
No all the models get discussed here all of the time but I love these shoes and they are one of the most comfortable shoes I have in my collection!I may get them in the mahogany as well soon!
Absolutely beautiful, I would love the same combo for myself!
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