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Excellent collection of shoes Luc! Thanks for sharing
The leather on these boots is quite thick and strong, the boots are by no means soft!
Talk about super comfy!
Beautiful pair of Oxford's
Nice colour and lovely leather, a Galway boots would also look very nice'
Love the Galways in the Zug and on the 64 last but somehow I like these a lot also! I am wearing them today.
IMHO one of the best looking boots is the Galway boot on the 64 last! Depends what you are after, of course it is not a boot to be worn with a suit ( not that I would wear any boots with a suit) but this boot with a pair of chinos or jeans is just perfect.
Congratulation, they are beautiful boots all around , enjoy and wear in good health. So glad you went with the 64E last and not the F !
I agree, I do not like black shoes except these! and now that EG are making something similar which is even better.
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