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The last time I was in the shop and saw one of their shoe trees it was exactly like the ones make by St Crispin the wood used was also the same!The William sold now come with shoe trees so I suppose they must be properly lasted! Bought on their own they were GBP 120/= if I remember correctly.
Good looking combo!
That was Rosewood country calf with tobacco shearlingI want the same but on the 202 last and suede instead of shearling!
Lovely! both look the same I cannot tell the difference from this picture.
Beautiful 'Truly Fit for Purpose' when I was buying my first pair go Galway boots many many years ago from the shop in London a well experienced older sales gentlemen explained that the origin of the Galway boots was a Hunting/field boot afterwards when the boot was made in different lasts it changed to a town-and-country boot.I love all versions of the Galway boots, from left to right 64F , 82E, 202E and 64E with shearling
If you find the 202 last comfortable my advise would be to go for the same last on the Galway boots , as much as I like the look of the 82 Last it is more restricted in the toe area then the 888!No matter what last you choose for your Galway boots you can not go wrong, just depends on how you would like them to fit.
Not a PP, AP, VC or L&S but I still enjoy wearing this watch!
Very nice, enjoy the boots .
Very nice one Farhad - I guess you will have a hard time choosing between this and the Dundee[/quote] The Dundee in summer and the boots in Autumn/winter that is my plan! Thank you for helping me get the Dundee but the Galway are from Westley Richards
Now with the amount of rain we had in London yesterday it is about time I start breaking these in!
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