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London has a big Rolex boutique in Knightsbridge which you may want to visit if you are after a Rolex.. The store is opposite Harvey Nichols store. knightsbridge is the best station if you are taking the tube. Hope you enjoy.
Not sure if anyone is into Bund Straps but what a difference the strap makes to a small watch!
Interesting article on BBC web if anyone likes Lagavulin Lagavulin's 200-year anniversary boost to island of Islay A whisky distillery is set to invest £580,000 in community projects to mark its 200 years on the island. The full article is on the BBC web site
I got these today , excellent pants
I will have a look at the reviews later but it would be the AP for me anytime over the Rolex if I were to choose from the two watches. I prefer the AP with a strap but if you like bracelets then that is fine.For me the difference is like it would be between a Mercedes or Aston Martin because IMHO PP, VC and AP are the three kings when it comes to watches.
This just in from my guy Justin and the good folks at Leathersoul, Hawaii. Galway in acorn Country calf with Forest Green suede on 888. Thanks, for the photos, Jussy. Can't wait to break 'em out back home. [/quote] Lovely boots congratulation, I also love the BALVENIE 30 LOL ! Enjoy
I have listed a Barbour X TO KI TO Wax Jacket (Skyfall) Beacon Limited Edition. SIZE LARGEf or sale and if anyone is after a really good Barbour jacket then this is as good as it gets! If anyone knows where I can find one of the same jackets in XL please let me know.
And their Galway boots are on the 72 last! Excellent idea as I think it is the most comfortable and good looking last for a boot.
Talking about NATO straps , I have have started to take a real liking to them recently
This watch would be lovely in SS or a black metal! Lovely watch, thanks for sharing.
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