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Gentlemen, you just do not understand! these days we go to buy plimsolls from JL in Jermyn street!John Lobb St James is in another league of their own and if I am not mistaken they are not the same company? Beautiful shop like a museum.I am really pleased with the offerings from SC.
I don't think there will be an issue about tearing the shoes? we all wear suede shoes which are also soft but they do not tear unless we are going to play football in them all day!Wear them, enjoy and look after them only time will tell. I have a pair in museum calf and they do not feel any more thinner or softer then normal leather or my suede shoes.
\Beautiful collection enjoy.Nikola, don't let anyone dictate to you what shoes to wear! just buy, wear and enjoy what ever you like and what makes you happy.
They are beautiful boots, enjoy!
How can you resist these! they are beautiful and if the last fits get them. I would love to have a pair of Shannon but sadly the 82 last does not fit me.
DId I overpay for my upcoming project? ($129 shipped via Ebay)[/quote] Very good price but looks like someone has not looked after their shoes!
You can't go wrong with either Beckett or Luffield, I prefer the Luffield
Classic 👌
Very nice, thanks for sharing
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