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The 202 and 64 are most comfortable for me but IMHO the Dover looks best on the 606 last and I don't think it is too pointed, another great fit was a 888 last but on the F fitting .The 82 last is the best looking last if you ask me but unfortunately I cannot wear this last as I have fairly broad feet!Try on and see what you find most comfortable as we all have different shaped feet.
"Wonderbar" I love them! enjoy and wear in good health
Gents, just wanted your opinion on what laces you think look best with these boots , I wear them most with the waxed leather laces? [ [/IMG]
Gents, there is nothing wrong with JL Paris or JL St.James or EG but the gentlemen was saying the he wished he had gone with John Lobb so I was just suggesting if he really wanted a Lobb then might as well go with the real McCoy! I love my EG's and JLP , of course there can be issues with any manufacture but that does not mean I will never buy three products again.
I have little confidence in EG now. I surely regret not going with Lobb. EG will not get a cent from me ever again. Total waste of time and very poor QA. In b4 fan boys.[/quote] Sorry to hear about your experience I am also a big fan of JL but make sure you go with Lobb St. James, NOT the Hermes owned JL Paris who are also good and shared the same factory with EG at one time but you can experience problems with any product from time to time.
The dover looks better on the 606 last imho.I think they should also fit similarly as the difference is only in the shape of the toe.
Excellent Galway boots naesuk and Wdahab, thanks for sharing.
This is just normal wear on the sole, a single leather sole will not last as long as a rubber sole. I had a problem once with a JL leather pair shoe where the sole developed a hole in the middle just after about a dozen wears, of course they replaced it for me free of charge. See how it is after a few more wears then if the sole starts coming apart take it back to the shop.The gentlemen who mentioned that a leather sole lasts for five years? This is not true, only if the...
I had both but preferred the Skye in shell! the Islay is also very nice but on a more generous last but it all depends on what you want o wear them with.Both are nice you can not go wrong with either.
Very nice collection Mark Lee, thanks for sharing.
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