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Very nice congratulations , are these on the 58F or 58E last?
Congratulations , i am sure you will love them, please do share a picture when they arrive.
I have the Galway boots in the 64F last and take a size 8, I have tried the same boot in a 82E last size 8.5 but they pinch my little toe! Everyone's feet are not the same try both the last as see which one works better for you.
[ Beautiful boots , congratulations and thanks for sharing.
No, I think you will be right! good and honest advice
[/quote] Dainty Edward Green shoes, Italian style! I remember passing on a pair to a friend similar style but they said Edward Green made in Italy!
I wore these today !
Tthis last is just not for you! I would have been many thousand of pounds better off had I listened to myself years ago! As much as I love the look of this sleek last it is just not for my foot.Try the 202 last instead.
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