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Beautiful boots, I would have kept mine Shannon boots had the 82 last fitted me well!
Lovely boots, glad you are enjoying them.
Very nice collection, thanks for sharing.
If cost is not an issue and they both fit you the same then I would go with the JL as I have seen both boots and tried them on, the JL is much better IMHO and I prefer the positioning of the buckle on the JL.
Thanks Cleav, if you know anyone who makes nice vintage straps please do let me know I am looking for a nice vintage strap for this watch
Anyone like vintage watches? I am enjoying wearing this one these days a lot! In comparison to my Portuguese it feels tiny!
Beautiful shoes, congratulations, enjoy.
Thank you, yes it is the 64E last.
Thanks gents for for your concern and I understand that you may be feeling my pain! Cleav, I am in between a 8 and 8.5. Most of my shoes and boots are in size UK 8.
I am not why I have this problem but recently it has stared becoming worse! This could be due to certain medication I take there may be some water retention, during the day my feet swell a lot and this could be putting pressure on the small toes. This does not only happen in EG shoes, any shoe I wear this is a problem of course unless I wear trainers which I do not like, having said that I do have a pair of Berluti trainers but they are more shoes then trainers if you know...
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