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Just acquired these yesterday:
And the fact that salespeople, even at high end stores, don't mind at all selling such outfits to customers, is even creepier.
The time has come for baby Carminas to face the cruel world outside.  
But.. but.. they start with applying cream on 1:18.
Digged out a couple of those those guides out of the boxes. They seem to use a slightly different wording every time.  
Don't shoot the messenger, good sir. I was merely quoting the Santoni shoe care guide. Very nice looking C&Js, by the way.
Santoni does not recommend using neutral on their shoes, claiming it will ruin the colour. On the other side, C&J use neutral (followed by a coloured wax) in their official "Shoe care" video. I guess it doesn't really matter, as long as something is used and the leather is not dry.
I was in Stockholm this weekend, could not resist going to Skoaktiebolaget.  
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