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I agree on the elbow contrasting.  Brown might be too "look at me."  A bright blue DB is pretty wild as is.  What about blue gator elbow patches?  Add the detail but with a bit of subtlety.  
For a really cheap suit, I might check out Bonobos.     They only recently started making suits, and I've never tried one on - but their chino pants fit great, so I'd try their suits if I was looking for something at that price point.  
  Made in LA, huh?  That's interesting.  Any idea where?  I recently talked to an American shoemaker who has a factory in LA.  And, on a retail level, American Apparel is made there too.  I'm surprised that I haven't really heard of any top tailors from LA.    
    Andy is a great alterations tailor (in my experience), but this list is not intended for MTM.  I know that I mentioned my experiences with two MTM outfits - Astor and Black and Tom James (I suspect Wilkes Bashford is also MTM) - but only to share my experiences in custom.  I am certainly not trying to say that either would be on any best of the best lists.     Whether they are tailors (like William Fioravanti) or clothiers (like VZ Exclusive), my intention in this...
I've always been a fan of a shortish pea coat (or even a leather pea coat) with a dress shirt - something with a cut similar to a regular suit jacket
I agree that there is actually no such thing as the "best" clothier in America, but this post is exactly why I started this thread.  If I lived in La Jolla this would be gold.  
  Mr Despos appears to be quite talented!  His suit shoulders look so fluid.  I will definitely bookmark him for future Chicago trips.  Thanks again!
Go Giants, yessir!     And, thanks, Dempsy.  I'll keep that in mind.      And, please, keep the suggestions coming!  Who's the best custom tailor/clothier in YOUR town?  
I commented in this thread a few months ago that my least comfortable pair of shoes are Allen Edmonds.     However, I recently realized that my MOST comfortable pair of shoes are ALSO Allen Edmonds.     I don't know what that means...   But I thought it was worth mentioning... 
Suit looks great to me.     You can definitely find a custom tailor to make you a suit cut like Tom Ford.  And you'd probably save a couple thousand dollars per suit.     Check my "Best Custom Clothier in America" thread for my experiences (and several recommendations from other users) with custom clothing.     So far, I've had some okay, good and amazing experiences with bespoke.  But, overall, I definitely prefer custom to rack.  Find a creative and...
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