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  Really like the first two! Funny as I've scrolled through the Drake's sale page at least half a dozen times this week (for general inspiration, not to go with this pink shirt in particular) and nothing jumped out. But when you look at the ties on their own they are all great.
Thanks for all the ideas. Navy grenadine, navy with white polka and grey all seem very sensible.   Can't say I'm certain the navy and pink stripes (CT or not CT) are sober enough.
Recently purchased a pink bengal shirt - this is for office wear and not over the top dandy purposes.   Was initially looking for a plain pink poplin, but decided to give this a try and now have a feeling it may not be so appropriate / easy to wear in a sober City law firm.   The tie in the picture seems acceptable (if not slgihtly too loud), but other than navy ties with discrete patterns, I can't see what else works with this shirt and a navy or...
Gt some C&J handgrade seconds last week at 310 then heard about this 80% EG and thought i'd missed a trick. Sounds like this isn't the case. I'm up for these events where there's a real bargain to be had, but if it costs an extra £100 or so to pop down to the shop during sales time and have a 45 minute sitting, chat about the products and their manufacture, then I'd probably do that. Was very tempted to head down today regardless, but it sounds like too much fuss and not...
How much to ship to UK?
Dunhill chassis single zip: http://www.dunhill.co.uk/the-shop/leather/bags-and-luggage/l3j281a/chassis-single-zip-briefcase   Quite rare to find something so so simply and, but at the same time completely unique with the carbon fibre print.
Is the purple tie still available? How much for postage to London, UK?
Red grenadine Drake's tie.   Worn twice, but in excellent condition - like new. I am selling due to an inordinate excess of red ties (also see Hermes listing).   Ships with original box. Originally purchased from Clifford Sreet, London store a few months ago.   Feel free to ask any questions.   EDIT: tie is 8cm in width.   SHIPPING: happy to ship anywhere. Shipping to US will be $20, shipping within UK is £5/$8. Contact for other quotes.
Hermes silk printed tie - red background with varying size blue rounded Hs pattern.   Worn twice, but in excellent condition - like new. I am selling due to an inordinate excess of red ties (also see Drake's listing).   Ships with original box and tab. Originally purchased from store on Bond Street, London.   Feel free to ask any questions.
New Posts  All Forums: