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 I didn't see where it says my pants and jacket have to match to post a comment.. 
what gives you the impression I'm not interested in clothing? I like clothes.. I usually spend a couple of hundred dollars every payday on something to wear, sometimes I save up for few months to buy something little more expensive.. I just have no interest in suits..
accessories always make the look but you don't need to wear matching pants and jacket to accessorize..
obviously you've never spent any time in a kilt my friend.. 
nice piece of sarcasm.. but it isn't quite the same 'notice' as when you left the men's room with toilet paper stuck to your shoe..    so.... when was the last time a hot chic with a few drinks in her came up and asked if she could slide her hand in your pants to see what you were wearing under them?........
women like men in suits because they convey an image of status and wealth.. women like men of status and wealth even if they aren't so good looking or in such good shape.. I'm more of the opinion that a woman who sees a man in an expensive, perfectly tailored suit notices  the fact that he has money before she notices what colour his eyes are.. now if you just want to talk about what women find sexually appealing, the conversation starts and stops with kilts.. there is no...
I have no idea why the suit is still a part of men's wardrobe..  no matter how fine the material, or the tailoring they are boring as hell.. I thank God every day that I chose a career in which I'll never have to wear one.. 
Gucci and Prada are two of the most overpriced brands on the market.. they are good shoes but not up to par for the price..
the best way to break in boots is to soak them in lukewarm water until they are saturated.. let them stand for a few hours and then put them on and wear them until they are dry.. if they are not mostly dry by the end of the day, put them in a plastic bag until morning and wear them again.. the more walking the better and don't over tighten the laces.. this can distort the softened leather around the grommets and cause them to fall out   you do not want to do this...
Burberry tartan in beige.. it's my favourite tie and people, especially girls seem to like it.. it's the only tie that people have actually commented on..  
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