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I was also shocked when I saw the pricetag.
Jesus... that's crazy M Western = XL Niche?   Do you have measurements on the Volado shirt in XL? I think I might need 18" in the shoulders.   I took a V in the SS Botanical shirt, and the shoulders are just right. Dunno if that helps.
Can anybody comment on Niche sizing? I've never owned any of their shirts before, if I wear a V in Schneider, does that correspond to a Medium?   I usually buy a medium in everything but I'm afraid of tiny japanese shirt shoulders. TIA
It looks a bit awkward. But the rest of the fit is nice. It fits.
Guhhh Memory coat is so    I'm 5'6" would it look stupid on me? Never owned a long coat before.
@AlexanderTG both combos look good but the second one looks the best.
 The same way you would fold a shirt. By the way @rydenfan forgot to say what a handsome jacket.....wish it weren't so long on me.
Fold! Obvious!
I'm loving it, guess there's less hype because less statement pieces with interesting shape/designs like the shawl cardigan/robe or the combi-vest. Statement pieces this season rely more on floral fabrics.
@lawlercon How tall are you? Great fit!
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