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Goddamn I hope so!!!
@AlexanderTG where dem elbow patches at?! Looks really good!
 This season is going to be remembered for it's patches. Elbow patches...knee patches... BTW guys is this the most expensive EG collection yet? Feels like it.
 Do we have a solution for elbow-patch placement yet? Shorten from the shoulders, or from the cuff + move the patch? Kinda want a moleskin bedford but I'm wary of the patches lookin retarded either way... I've got dem T-Rex arms :D
Thanks a ton, Shingles! I'll give the 30 a try then
 Looking to grab the Truman as well. Do you usually wear size 30 waist? I do too, although some of the stuff I kop online comes pretty tight. For example my SS14 size 30 Ghurka shorts are a little too tight. I want to lose a little weight though so maybe they'll be just snug afterwards. Should I size up to 32 on the Truman? Every stockist having different measurements is so annoying!
Dunno if it helps but I've emailed Gentry about that particular model. He's 5'7" and typically wears small sizes.
I can't grow a beard     Maybe Daiki can give us an EG beard.....
 Chest seems on point. I was worried about the length making it look like a shirt-dress haha! What do you think? Thanks for the reply!
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