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  Idk, to me EG has a way with their fabrics. The colors/patterns aren't quite as tasteful in other brands for the same style of stuff. Also I was referring to the Chimala shirt which was $550 (CAD). Nice pickup though!
Lusting after it... the conversion rate and discount certainly make it more palatable......   Anyways back to EG!
man that shirt is really nice but $550?!
What I mean to say is there won't be any in a SS collection.
Chelseas are a winter boot
Something I think we can all improve on is photography skills. I really think there are killer fits that have been ruined by bad angles/framing/lighting.
"...that cool guy in art class, if Robert Geller weren't cooler than him already"   "Cloak was your favorite brand before the brand existed."     Not a fan of Four Pins writing but enjoyable enough nonetheless.
Best wishes man.
@eluther  No no that's not what I meant. But it seems like you are quitting EG?
My size    I will be faithful and wait...
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