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  These are damn sexy    Do you think one could get Russell to recreate this Context makeup?
What type of collar(s) looks good underneath a crewneck sweater? I'm thinking in the SW&D sense, not a super classic, CM type of sweater + shirt.   This might be too vague.
Daydreaming about the Brown Antique Wool Herringbone Andover, need help with sizing.   The Black Batik Bedford from SS14 fits just right in a Medium, aaaaaaaalmost tight in the shoulders and a little bit of restricted arm movement.   You guys think the M Andover would fit over a M EG shirt or a light knit? Or should size up to the L?  
 What are your measurements? Let me know how it goes. Somehow my order shipped even though my cart said it was empty (mediums in the black had sold out). Guess I was lucky!
Medium Starks sold so fast on East Dane damnit!   family25 gets you guys 25% off at East Dane, get those Starks!!!
Any measurements? This will probably look idiotic on my 5'6" frame haha. But I want it!
  Loving the bottoms this fall. This EG season is going down in my memory as the "pants" season. 
In my opinion the Herringbone and Homespun fabrics aren't a great match with denim.
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