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I'm not too sure but I think the vintage has a different toebox. Seems rounder.
 I haven't tried sizing down, but my shirts in medium are perfect in the shoulders. After they've been washed a few times they even feel a just a bit snug. I think sizing down would be too small. Thanks for the tip @agvs I will give it a try!
 I don't know how you guys do it, especially agvs. I'm 5'6, wear a medium, and the tops are always too long. I need to ask my tailor if there is any way of hemming a 19th C BD without destroying the aesthetic (rounded detail below the last button). Seriously though, are there any EG pants or pants that work well with EG that have longer rises? The EG tops always obscure too much of my rise and look like dresses.
You're kind of covering your cheekbones...
  Idk, to me EG has a way with their fabrics. The colors/patterns aren't quite as tasteful in other brands for the same style of stuff. Also I was referring to the Chimala shirt which was $550 (CAD). Nice pickup though!
Lusting after it... the conversion rate and discount certainly make it more palatable......   Anyways back to EG!
man that shirt is really nice but $550?!
What I mean to say is there won't be any in a SS collection.
Chelseas are a winter boot
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