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Something I think we can all improve on is photography skills. I really think there are killer fits that have been ruined by bad angles/framing/lighting.
"...that cool guy in art class, if Robert Geller weren't cooler than him already"   "Cloak was your favorite brand before the brand existed."     Not a fan of Four Pins writing but enjoyable enough nonetheless.
Best wishes man.
@eluther  No no that's not what I meant. But it seems like you are quitting EG?
My size    I will be faithful and wait...
 Wait, WHAT? What happened, Eluther?
Any more of those Merz B. U-Neck Tees coming?   I looked for "Merz B. 215 shirt" elsewhere but none seem to have the same neckline.
I have a FW14 B2B Jacket in Navy Serge, brand new with tags.   Looking for $280 shipped in the 48 states.         Not really looking for trades.
  This might be a stupid question: The waist measurements on pants you carry that have elastic waistbands - made without any stretch?
So goooooood 
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