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I just handwashed a heavy 100% wool sweater. Laying it flat to dry, it seems to have gained a few inches in length and I'm kind of freaking out because it was almost too long to begin with.   Will it shrink back to normal? I'm guessing this happened because the sweater is so thick (the thing felt like 15 pounds completely soaked).   Thanks in advance!
@Drinkwaters Did you guys ever get the Garment District Journals + Binder things?
I was also shocked when I saw the pricetag.
Jesus... that's crazy M Western = XL Niche?   Do you have measurements on the Volado shirt in XL? I think I might need 18" in the shoulders.   I took a V in the SS Botanical shirt, and the shoulders are just right. Dunno if that helps.
Can anybody comment on Niche sizing? I've never owned any of their shirts before, if I wear a V in Schneider, does that correspond to a Medium?   I usually buy a medium in everything but I'm afraid of tiny japanese shirt shoulders. TIA
It looks a bit awkward. But the rest of the fit is nice. It fits.
Guhhh Memory coat is so    I'm 5'6" would it look stupid on me? Never owned a long coat before.
@AlexanderTG both combos look good but the second one looks the best.
 The same way you would fold a shirt. By the way @rydenfan forgot to say what a handsome jacket.....wish it weren't so long on me.
Fold! Obvious!
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