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Hey guys, random question.   Anybody know where I can get Haco Schuhs? Seems like Inventory was the only stockist and they've gone under. Google has not been kind to me either.
You should proxy a pair of HB Fatigues for me :D
you look so cozyyy i want to hug you (that sweater)
This coat is killer - I wanted one so badly last year. What's the length?
It's probably Margiela. Regis is all about the Margiela.
@blue peter You are right about the top block being quite awkward. I have a pair of Type 6 cords from FW14 and the fit is pretty much the same. I'm thinking about picking up a pair of fatigues now... thanks for your advice!
^^^^ Looks like an EG Bedford. Can't tell what season.  Warm weather refuses to leave.    [[SPOILER]]
Awesome. Thanks for the quick advice!
Type 6 Jeans / B1P / Fatigues / Cinch Pant   Which has the longest rise? Or am I to believe they are all the same according to TBB?
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