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@mbaum What's the color of that Bedford? Looks black on you, but then it looks like a dark olive in the shots with everything laid next to each other.
 I was referring to the 100% wool shawl, not the sweater. Thanks for the info on the jacket though!
@eluther thanks for the input. The photos on TBB do seem to confirm the "hardness." I'll probably try the brown homespun...
All of the 6 options on Bureau Belfast are 100% wool. Guess they probably all feel the same. None say "brushed" or anything like that.   I was just wondering if any are like a thicker version of my brushed navy herringbone scarf. The texture is really nice.
You guys know what fabric is softest for the shawl? Or are they all about the same (being 100% wool)?
Price drop: now $270 shipped to CONUS.
 I'm debating a warm wash + tumble dry too, but do you think the shoulders might shrink too much? My workshirts are too long for me but the shoulders fit perfect, almost tight.
Selling a pair of Highland Pants in Olive Size 30 if anyone is interested!
This just dropped: http://store.apolisglobal.com/jackets/black-indigo-wool-chore-jacket/#black-indigo     Not sure about the black indigo on a coat. Would it still look good faded?
For sale is a BNWT pair of Engineered Garments Highland Pants from this AW14 season, size 30.   Price is $290 $270 shipped to the Continental US.   PM me for measurements.
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