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Looks great. But even the swatch on photo is wrinkled, so it seems super-wrinkly indeed. Is it indeed so wrinkly that is already wrinkles the moment you put it on? Is it at least easy to iron?
Just missed the delivery of my test shoes by five minutes. Hope to catch them tomorrow. Will post pictures if I have them.
 Even if it isn't, it seems to have been somewhat inspired by Luxire in the way the products are described on the website.
Siviglia fits very slim, also in the shoulders. The quality is nice from what I've seen and heard.
Already expired. Based on what happened last year no other 20% extra off code will arrive before summer (pre)sale.
Thanks a million!   Also a good idea to mark the arch, something which I also saw elsewhere.
Two lasts that we don't see that often: Phila (on the right) vs. Robert in dark brown suede on the left. Both are size 9.5. Phila looks and feels slightly wider. Fun fact, however, is that both lasts are 4 1/8" on the widest part of the sole. The sole shape is actually different though. The Phila last has a clearly lower instep and arch, as seen most clearly on the last picture. edit: Phila also has a slightly wider heel and midfoot.
Shoe ordering people. Where exactly did you take measurement 2?
Also jumped in on the shoes. Will start measuring tonight.   Offer seems to still be available. One more slot?
Really nice, especially the custom made one.   May I ask you what it cost?
New Posts  All Forums: