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Ooooh, nice!Any one here buying a pashmina? Considering going for one. @Luxire, are all styles on emptym's pictures available?And what's the price for a custom woven design?
Me too, and some G&R flannel shirt(s). Instead I ordered a G&R oxford, taupe moleskin pants and a jeans (jeans not on offer) so I didn't completely miss out.
Thanks. Too bad I don't have access to NY b&m sample sales. It seems to have limited availability online and in European b&m so I still think (hope) I made an OK deal. Only time will tell. :)
Caliroots.com 30% sitewide (minus exlusions) Bergbergstore.com 30% on leather goods (but not belts) and free shipping till Dec-1. Massimodutti.com 20% on the 28th (probably during CET hours, so started about one hour ago)
Is this the Spiewak Golden Fleece or not? It's description is wrong ("black") and the price seems way too low (compared to End): http://caliroots.com/spiewak-melton-p-coat-gmcps0004-swm01-309/p/32201   Took the gamble on size M. If it's not Golden Fleece it might only cost € 13,- return shipping, a gamble I'm willing to take.   For Europeans, the Heritage Parka in Sage is still available in M at a good price:...
quote name="pnewelljr" url="/t/38417/official-sales-alert-thread/37320#post_7530676"]Is it worth it to wait for 50% off on Mr Porter? Or will everything be gone? [/quote] Mr P knows very well what it's doing and is very popular. The most coveted items will therefore never make it to the higher percentages.
And in Alcudia... ? :-)
I've never said I used American designations, I use the designations by Carmina only. Forest is available in E, EE and EEE width. EE is the normal one, being a medium width shoe indeed.
Forest M is EE width, Betty told me. It's the default width for the Forest last. When people here talk about the Forest last you can safely assume that it's about this width, unless mentioned otherwise.
All the time. Not only are the basic prices on European Yoox higher, the drops are also later and lower and the temporary offers less inviting (lovedreambox was 15% instead of 20%, thankyou20 didn't work at all). Still the grail pieces get sold out pretty fast. I don't know if this is because they are sold outside the EU or because this stuff is easier to sell in Euroland (and hence Yoox knows perfectly well what it's doing).
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