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Renovateur has the same effect although more slightly so. It is said to moisturize, protect and renew. It does the renewing part by removing some excess polish so even though it is protecting and moisturizing I wouldn't put it on brand new shoes before wearing. My tip is to just make sure you don't expose new shoes to inclement weather until they're polished a couple of times (with regular cream polish that is). But since it is more experience-based than fact-based this...
Yes, but not with Renovateur. Reno is for removing excess polish. If you want to moisturize with no coloring effect use neutral polish.
Excellent! One last question othertravel: do you take the same size in Phila and Simpson? And Forest and Rain (if you know)?
And how is it? Is it low-volume like the Simpson but wider?
Looking at pictures and what people have said about it the answer could be the Filadelfia last. The Filadelfia is said to be low instep like the Simpson, but it looks wider at the toe box. Unfortunately the Filadelfia last is available in very very few styles (one nice model in the official shop however). And then there's the Robert. Weren't people saying that it is also lower volume than Forest? (which it does resemble otherwise)
 Not that much of a difference as far as I can tell.Could it be the case that the jacket shoulders are in fact identical but your shoulders are slightly different width/stance/slope and your tailor has not accounted for it (enough)?
I agree, AND wouldn't it also look more like the shoes in the picture?
Any experience on the Spanish-made Herring shoes?   Better than Meermin?
The shell cordovan in Carmina's own web store just went way up.   Shell cordovan boots went to € 720,- from € 600,- Shell cordovan oxfords/derbies went to € 590,- from € 520 (IIRC)   Was holding out on some SC boots because I need more basic shoes first and my budget is far from limitless but now I'm still feeling kind of sorry. I'm sure those shell boots are still really good value at € 720,- but knowing the price has been increased 20% recently I'll be less likely...
Yesterday I received a 90 minutes only 20% code during the match. I guess there won't be another one on Sunday as I'm Dutch but there might be another one for my countrymen on Saturday.
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