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Maybe this? Just select pants on the left hand side. edit: The exact same trick will probably yield better result with search term indigo or even jeans.
I have worked in 0.25" steps when providing measurements but from my (limited) experience with shirts and pants measurements that I checked, I have concluded that it will not always be accurate up to 0.25'', more like up to 0.5''. This is not really a problem with most measurements, but has had unwanted results when I specified a custom collar (indicating with your order that measurements should be extra precise might help). I always take this into account and err on the...
@Luxire: Do you have metal side tabs in other colours than silver? Like brass or copper?
No it isn't. Shoulder width is one thing, the slope in which it hangs is another. The shoulder slope is independent of the regular measurements and if not specified (or taken from a sent-in garment) the shoulder slope will be "default". If you need a non-default shoulder slope you can specify so in the comments box with your order.
It doesn't say (neither does it at thenextdoor) but I guess for End it applies to the selection of products you get when you click on the 20% banner only. I got the discount on some Nikes I loaded into the cart.
30% on now on. Seems like there are quite a few restrictions, including Woolrich/SNS. 20% with restrictions, site's pretty slow.
Any recent turnaround time report on shirts? I need a shirt in 12 days (at my doorstep), realistic to ask Luxire to achieve that?
Looks great. But even the swatch on photo is wrinkled, so it seems super-wrinkly indeed. Is it indeed so wrinkly that is already wrinkles the moment you put it on? Is it at least easy to iron?
Just missed the delivery of my test shoes by five minutes. Hope to catch them tomorrow. Will post pictures if I have them.
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