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Had I known the check was this small I would have certainly ordered it. (But probably in another colour as this one was sold out before I placed my order)It would be really nice if some good scaling system for fabrics was implemented. Preferably not with US coins but with a piece of measuring tape or so.
  Thank you guys. I'm starting to get very worried about the front rise/back rise ratio of my current pants order. Measurements:Waist: 16.5Half hip: 20Hip front: 19.5Font rise: 10Back rise: 16Thighs: 11.5Knee: 8.25Ankle opening: 7.25 I actually took the measurements from PT01 summer and winter wool pants and trimmed them a little at the legs (because of cotton instead of wool: I don't want too many sharp wrinkles which always plague lanky guys wearing cotton pants) while...
The shirt looks a bit sloppy overall but I think your measurements are close. This may in part be the fabric (or the lack of ironing). Is the bottom width enough to cover your hips? If this is too small it might aggravate the vertical pulls you get when raising your arms and the fact that the back looks a bit messy. Because of your hollow back you might also benefit from darts. Sorry to go on about the pants like some posters before me, but these follow your body closely...
Nice boots!Are the austerity boots on the "Simpson bota" last?
What always surprises me about the Mr. P. sale is the amount of seasonal items that don't go on sale at all. (British/European site)
I am not a fan of a spit yoke with a checked fabric but in this case it has turned out good. Must be because of the size of the checks.
@philg89   Came across this brand a lot the last few days as it is widely available in Amsterdam.   The pieces that are stll available in sale don't look particularly impressive, especially the wool blend fabric looks pretty rough. The detailing is also nothing special. The hooded coats have a non-detachable hood which is a major downside in my opinion. On the other hand the fit is pretty slim with slim arms and long-ish arm length which is excellent for me. Also the...
My feet are wide-ish at the front, low volume, low instep, narrow at the heel and with a narrow waist. I can't say my feet are really very wide though so as to the next few recommendations: ymmv.   Generally Santoni shoes fit me well, they are accomodating to low volume feet while having enough width at the toe box for me. As to other Italian blake made shoes: Fratelli Rossetti came close but no cigar (only tried one pair though). A local shoe store recommends Dieter...
Isn't it strange that Yoox seems to have a complete lack of long and short length coats/suits/jackets? All the sizes just go 46/48/50 S/M/L etc. while in the EU the long and short sizes have their own set of numbers (26/28/30 etc. for short and 90/92/94 etc. for long)   Has anyone ever got a long/short size tagged as a regular size? Or does Yoox simply not stock short and long sizes?
Ooooh, nice!Any one here buying a pashmina? Considering going for one. @Luxire, are all styles on emptym's pictures available?And what's the price for a custom woven design?
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