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Any experience on the Spanish-made Herring shoes?   Better than Meermin?
The shell cordovan in Carmina's own web store just went way up.   Shell cordovan boots went to € 720,- from € 600,- Shell cordovan oxfords/derbies went to € 590,- from € 520 (IIRC)   Was holding out on some SC boots because I need more basic shoes first and my budget is far from limitless but now I'm still feeling kind of sorry. I'm sure those shell boots are still really good value at € 720,- but knowing the price has been increased 20% recently I'll be less likely...
Yesterday I received a 90 minutes only 20% code during the match. I guess there won't be another one on Sunday as I'm Dutch but there might be another one for my countrymen on Saturday.
More models on the Olfe last, please!   The scarcity of Olfe models is the only thing keeping me from ordering with Meermin (oh and sorry, I think the current classic line Olfe models are really ugly)   I don't like the Hiro last and the Ama last doesn't fit me at all.   Instead of more Olfe, they just added a couple of Hiro monks and a new New Rey model. Clearly, Styleforum is not their primary source of advise. ;)
Have you got your sizing down? If so, you could consider custom ordering one.
Lucky you.Pity the grenadines are not included and most size L socks were gone already but it's a good sale nonetheless.
These are still leftovers from last winter. No new Carmina shoes were added to the online stock of the Farfetch online boutiques last season. :( I missed out on some great black monks in my size on their last winter sale.
Then the reason to go for full grain is that it is much more beautful? Or can a simple full grain turn out worse than a good split grain suede?
Not the overcheck per se but the boldness of the overcheck colour or width could affect the formality of the cloth. Though imho the general structure of the fabric (fine vs rough) is a much more important indicator.
I would advise off white or white shirt. Light blue might work too, depending on the exact hue and saturation of the tie.  Nice combo with the brown shoes. I wouldn't pick the beige shoes though but the browns are fine. Maybe add a brown or dark green sport coat if you fear this is not dressed up enough. Switching to a light blue or lighter green shirt will give you more options in the sport coat department. Edit: and don't forget wearing a brown belt.
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