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Cockney Tailor, Azabu coat   Cockney is not a pattern order, but rather a full custom, with machine finish, but substantial hand work. Great vintage cloth as you will see - some 20+ years old...  
Trousers from F-one   A polyester/wool blend for the Japanese summer    
Here is a recent acquisition from F-One Suits, a made to order suit company in Tokyo. The base price is Y39,000, with additions like real button holes, extra quality lining and real horn buttons taking the price to just above Y50,000. Made in Japan, in Tottori I believe, and I ordered the belt-less style, with side adjusters. Japanese 100% wool. For the price, incredible value.                  
I`ve posted a few threads on Azabu tailor and Cockney Tailor, but thought I`d start a new thread on Japanese suits.   There is very little on the net on Japanese suits, so this should be of benefit to everyone interested in this subject.   The Japanese suit market is huge, with hundreds of manufacturers and retailers competing for a market which is coming under pressure from more casual wear, as well as the `cool biz` summer fashion promoted by both Government and...
Isham GMTO please!
Yes, full day and walking 2.5 miles is my estimate -), but there is very little wear there...
Legit - just a variation on finish...lovely shoes, and oak bark sole is top grade
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