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Beauties - are those your first G&G`s?
What I`ve found is that using neutral colorless creams leaves a whitish residue over time, and its best to add color from time to time if not every time. I`m going to alternate between Hermes Red Saphir cream and Burgundy after wearings. But the texture of the leather looks like it will need much less care than a smooth calf skin. Quite the most incredible leather in a shoe I have ever had. 
Look at the detail!
What an incredible GMTO! Thanks to Leaves again! What polish or creams should we use - Saphir Hermes Red? Maybe that and one other one in that shade - forget the name but a little more brown. I bet a blend of the two will create a great patina over the years...
Thanks guys for the most incredible GMTO! First class service as usual.
They have landed. Wow! This show is incredible. Thanks to all! Skoak guys especially!
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