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A cobbler can add a half sole easily, but frankly the leather is quite tough, and will give a great look worn - I`d go natural, and replace in a few years...these shoes are tough, leather and rain is no problem
  Hope you guys don't get this too soon!    
I'm an 8 1/2 E in G&G square 73. What size would I be on the square 888? Thanks!
Cream, polish and brush will get those scuff marks settled down, and will add to the character. No repair will work I`m afraid IMHO. Brush, brush and brush again...
For me the 700 is king. Indestructible. Next the 100 if you want grip from the lugs. Enjoy your boots
I recognize that pic, as its taken against my wall! If you see my sole now, you will regret ordering it. The 296, or isn't it 269, start to shred along those lines, as I and many others have reported. No idea what the backlog is about - but its one of the least durable soles out there IMHO. Search for pics of the spreading and make your decision...
Lovely hat, perfect. I`ve a feeling its a touch too big - if there is a wind would it fly off? It should fit snug, whereas the way it sits seems to suggest its got a little too much room. By fitting snug, it would get pulled down at the front, whereas I feel its sitting on free space. I may be wrong, and certainly its better a larger hat than a tighter fit, but sometimes that extra space especially in the top right and bottom left suggest its missing that perfect fit. Bit...
Weak Yen and less Japanese tourists seem to have impacted their stock levels and staffing, but they certainly stocking EG
I think the composite toe will keep the wet out if show melts, but the cordovan may well get damaged with the wet and chemicals they use to melt the snow. Keep those at home.
I have the William in Black, and I`d say its identical to the size in Whites in SD and BH. 9D for me.
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