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Short is a bad choice. 6.5E is your choice. Shoes should be fine from day one, except for stiffness in leather and sole, but length and width should give freedom to move and feel comfortable.
Saphir treated. Isham
This is seriously perfect. Enjoy the piece and have a great time.
Frankly you're fine. Honestly. I`d be more worried of the length of sleeve on shirt, but hell man, thats a great jacket and enjoy!
Ive noted these are sold as a F fitting which is their standard (same as E on other makers), but I feel these are really a true F, and hence you can lace them up fully. Really depends how it fits on your widest part of the foot. For me this was an F deceptfully marketed as an E, but is a real F....
I have uneven shoulders, and I agree that any compensation on the part of the tailor usually accentuates the problem instead of camouflaging it. Thats just a fact of life, and I would not accept that a bespoke garment can hide physical issues. Just get a nice cloth, and people won't even notice. Patterns distract more than a plain cloth, light to medium grey seems to highlight issues. Dark colors will camouflage IMHO
1cm at a time - golden rile id for it to come down to your thumb joint
Jacket length fine, or even short given the loose fit around waist. Go with the fitters advice - they know best
Sleeve shortening and you're fine
Handmade by Silver Dollar Shimokitazawa
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