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Lovely belt - for a belt in that condition, I just cannot imagine anything wrong with the stitching...how can it possibly wear? What does it wear against?
The heel is a standard height is it? Perhaps just the angle of the camera has me asking that question. Really love that combo of leathers.
Fair point. Just speaking from my experience. Again, I guess leathers,soles and things like linings could make a difference. But mine do have the feel there is a little more room. Top is water buffalo and thin so this could contribute to that. They are lined and are black rough out. It could be that the rough out is softer, or the water buffalo a thinner leather. I guess a lot has to do with the leathers as the basic last has to be the same. Tightness of stitching too....
[quote name="gregornz" url=" That's cool that you can swap between the two sizes to tailor your look, but I have to ask; wouldn't it be better to get the 'right' size each time? [/quote] Good point. The only thing is that I've found that a BH is a little looser than the SD although on the same last. Having said that it could depend on the leathers and whether or not there is single sole stitching or double - the double tends to be tighter. Soles too could play a role....
That`s really interesting Gregornz, I`m a 27cm and 24cm ball of foot too, and 10cm across...without socks. Are your measurements without socks, or thin socks? I once ordered a 9.5D but found it too big, sold it, and have 4 pairs in 9D, but I do think a 9.5C could fit me as well. The question then is on the Northwest last, do I go for a 10C?   Those bison and rough out are very very nice!!
Stunning,  bison/roughout?
Use a pen to crease the crease you want....
About the creasing with pens, and not pencils, as the plastic is harder...I have tried them with cordovan with great success.  I believe calf is a little more independent as to where it wants the crease, but use, its a good idea to give guidance on initial wears. The problem though is if there is a lot of room, which is the reason why you want to guide the crease, it can go in its own direction...bit of hit and miss. As I say, due to the properties of cordovan, giving it a...
Thanks for this information. Could I ask if the same size issue works for slip-ons and boots as well? Also, if the TG73 is the snuggest, what out of interest is the roomiest?
Just spent the last 20 minutes reading up the net on oiling or conditioning rough out leather, mainly information on saddles. Saddle rough out is generally oiled (but split opinion here as well). I guess the leather will turn out a bit like the one gregornz posted, protectors (against water) will turn out like the photo above. I guess it depends on personal preference and life style the way you condition or protect, but the end look and feel will be quite different.
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