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Informed information is that EG make Anthony Cleverly`s...any thoughts?  
Fukuoka Tailor              
Barclay with Wensum sole     , 2-3 years old now
Kudu Isham GMTO please
I`m sure its in here (but cant search 1000 pages right now!) - would GG fit the same size in slip-on, chukka and lace-up? Thanks!
Bought my second shirt at the Haneda Airport store where they stock the US cuts. Great service as they have specially produced models you can try on - over your shirt as they don't have fitting rooms, but you get a good idea. 6-8 of the shirts in each size on a separate shelf from the Japanese sized ones. Great experience
I'm sure any cream you find in NZ will he fine - I dont think you need any fancy creams - many people don't use anything at all. Lots of brushing with any cream conditioner would be the way I'd go, and a horse hair brush is great.
You can choose to have flaps, buttons, slanted pockets and all sorts of combinations for no charge - all depends on your personal choice.
You mean no one had a narrower than a D? They are almost surely all wider than a D...
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