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Attractions Engineer boots - the best silhouette for the 50`s look              
Pride of my collection
Yes the real Deco is a different range of shoes, and after this was established the last was available on the standard range. So you get the standard leathers and sole on the elongated Deco shape. Different leathers sole and finishing in the Deco range
Enjoy. Great choice. I have a feeling those 3 lasts don't all fit the same size though - what is your experience in lasts and sizes please? 
My favorites. Water buffalo
I`m sorry to say, but dealer fitted or not, these have to be way oversized. I`d say an inch maximum of space upfront after end of big toe. To go from 14 wide to 15B seems unusual. Did they have the full range of sizes, or they didn't have yours and had a 15B? You should try on a few pairs both up and down the size spectrum until you feel comfortable. Take them back and speak to a senior person at the store. Seems very unusual.
A cobbler can add a half sole easily, but frankly the leather is quite tough, and will give a great look worn - I`d go natural, and replace in a few years...these shoes are tough, leather and rain is no problem
  Hope you guys don't get this too soon!    
I'm an 8 1/2 E in G&G square 73. What size would I be on the square 888? Thanks!
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