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I would use that. Little at a time, over a few hours and a few days...brush and brush, and a great patina will develop.
I`m not sure of the Obenaufs LP - think it should be fine, I`m a cream man myself, but that on White`s is maybe like gravy on a hamburger to some! Anything to help lubricate out those marks should do the trick, but it all depends how the boot will end up. Obenaufs tend to darken and oil the leather, thats why I prefer lighter creams...I use those on my water buffalo and it give a great finish. Obenaufs on water buffalo may take away that dressy look.
A deep penetrating cream, like Saphir renovator or the like - in fact any leather cream...but it may require 5-10 applications and brushings - it will help fade and blend them into the general wear. How is the sole holding up?
Googled their site - seems no NC in stock
Tru bootonline and they may get you a custom order. I`m a 9 1/2 F too - great fit, the G`s will be too wide and stubby
You know how it is...you like the boots, you think they are the right size, you wear a thicker sock, you walk around, then its all too late. It`s only three weeks later that you really come to the fact that you are swimming in them. And who knows, maybe the smaller size would have been too tight. Nothing like a brick and mortar shop, but I do realize its not really possible with Whites. Thats why a good alternative is to get a pair that can be returned to check the basic...
Whites advised me a 10D, and after having to sell them, now fit comfortably into a 9D.
Given that you are constrained by return costs, I would argue that you want to be compensated. It`s unacceptable that they can't check the basics in quality control. I`d hang on one last time and get these sorted out the right way. The difference in heel is going to cause leg and foot issues - not worth putting up with. I guess a cobbler could mend them somehow - but try and get a pair as compensation. Only by you being completely satisfied will this close the...
Bravo to come out and reveal this. Ive been contacted privately with some horrendous errors recently, and asked for advice. Pieces of different sizes, and all sorts of issues. It seems Whites quality has gone downhill, and since being sold has some horrendous quality control issues. Ive hesitated ordering a pair recently until I get confirmation these issues are solved. The heel height issue is completely unacceptable, and I feel with you having to send these back from...
Those do look like AS - pity the soul who gets sold the F fitting and an E. Lovely shoes to look at, the AS are, it goes downhill from there. G&G only goes upwards...!
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