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What is going on Bingham!? Good of you to get this out in the open...
Agreed. It`s not a perfect science, and even the bookmakers can get it wrong depending on who is looking at the foot tracing (my personal experience with Whites, who sized me a whole size larger than I wear now). And they will err on the side of caution, so they can tell you to wear thicker socks if any issue surfaces. I`d go to a brick and mortar shop, and try a few sizes and settle from there. Or try Bakers, in a standard stocked boot, and return them if they don't fit....
    My BH heel redone by Brass. Standard height
Great ideas! The more color variation, the better in my opinion. Superb choice. That`s what allows White`s to stand out. Wear them in health!
Thanks B-ewing. This is the standard traveller 90 degree, before the mod. If bakers could offer this, I`m sure that they could snap up some good business, and we may even be able to convince Whites - who could have a great chance to develop new markets and opportunities under their new ownership.   I`m liking it more than the cuban, and seems to be a true timeless style for the classic american work boot. Here is some of brass`s work, including some...
Interesting discussion on the cuban heel - it`s been my wish as well. You may have noted that I took the boots above to Brass here in Tokyo to get an angle put on them, and they recommended that because of the issue discussed above (the fact that the two heels are in a different place, and a grind down would make the block smaller), they could only provide a small amount of grind-down. But even if Whites offered this much, I`m sure it would be popular. Another issue is...
Lovely bag. I remember looking through the window when the shop was near Daikanyama. Any hint what that cost? I`d guess two pairs of Fukuda`s made to orders?
Cigarone or topcubans
New Borsalino Anello from Bencraft        
The wen sum sole is fantastic. Looks great and outlasts leather and is rain proof. Great choice
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