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Look at the detail!
What an incredible GMTO! Thanks to Leaves again! What polish or creams should we use - Saphir Hermes Red? Maybe that and one other one in that shade - forget the name but a little more brown. I bet a blend of the two will create a great patina over the years...
Thanks guys for the most incredible GMTO! First class service as usual.
They have landed. Wow! This show is incredible. Thanks to all! Skoak guys especially!
32 amDeparted FedEx locationGUANGZHOU CN1:42 amIn transitGUANGZHOU CNMine seem to be passing through China right now! Hooray Fedex. Hooray Skoak! Hooray G&G
After suggesting a few lazy-man slip-ons, I feel now that a few unusual leather (kudu, pigskin etc.) classic styles, possibly in two tones get the volume needed for  a GMTO...a pig skin and nubuck in the Walkton would also make an outstanding summer shoe!
GMTO - Flynn or Demsey on deco last in an antiqued patina anyone? If it's a MTO, might as well get something that's special after all!
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