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The Barclay on square toe 73 fit close to my Isham on 71, and the Harrow on 71 is tighter (not so much in toe, but the foot falls in a different way, and from the photos you will notice less room overall). I would not say one needs a different size though, just to be aware your foot will sit in a different way, if that makes sense. I`m not sure how much the wen sum sole on the Barclay, or Double sole on the Isham account for this difference, but this may well play a role.
I found the fit the same as my Isham MH 71, but you will find the photo interesting compared to a Harrow...  My Barclays have a wen sum sole. All the shoes are 8 1/2E in the photos.
Top rubber soles seems to be the answer!
Most definitely, and they may even surpass G&G at less than half the cost. The leathers and lasts are outstanding, and I think the premium is too cheap...
Yeah, shoes don't stretch - at least not in the places you want them to...pass.
New summer unlined 3 lace-hole suede model called the `Bocastle` just launched on Instagram!
Anthony Cleverly
Leaves - you have to keep the spirits going - any other unusual MTO`s in line?   Hint: A spectator with white buckskin and light tan.....
Lovely St James`
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