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Leather will stretch, but never stretch to give more room where you want it. If that size does not work, and the size up is too big, don't listen to anyone and just move on - not all shoes are meant to fit all people...I`ve learned the hard way...my two cents worth  Don't think you missed an opportunity, it its not perfect at the outset, it never will be... Call them up and politely see if you can cancel the order, or at least try another shoe or last thats perfect from...
I can't comment on drying out - I'm guessing that the Kudu is tanned that way and the result is visually beautiful. But it does not absorb a cream well. Perhaps a wax is more suited, not sure.I can't comment on the two leather version and Hermes Red as I don't have it.
Koji Endo to move in-house to LeatherFoot in Toronto
I used the cream, and no I did not find any change in the lines in the leather. Today I tried a black wax, brown wax, and burgundy cream, and after polishing noticed no real change in colors. The kudu leather seems to have a very tough and hard `shell` that is quite stubborn to taking new colors is my opinion. I find it also quite a stiff and dry leather, and as I say has this quite tough `shell` that absorbs very little nutrient. I beautiful and very unusual leather, but...
Update on my Rosewood Kuku:   1. I have found that the Hermes Red Saphir matches this color perfectly - not too red, in fact its so close it would seem that is what could have been used originally.   2. The sole`s are stiffer than I thought. They are double leather admittedly, but still stiffer than other double soles I`ve had in the past - too early to make judgment, but it does mean that I found a need for a steel toe, and the wear on the toe was already...
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Good question, as I believe they are from the same Subaru plant...just a branding and finish difference
 Did I read inner lining!? Do you do the insole too Sir?
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