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Those do look like AS - pity the soul who gets sold the F fitting and an E. Lovely shoes to look at, the AS are, it goes downhill from there. G&G only goes upwards...!
What great original boots! Double leather sole? Those will look great with nylon laces...
A few suggestions - try them on with thinner socks. If they feel better I would try and wear them in that way for 10 wearings at least. You may have to resign yourself that these boots are worn with thin socks if the thicker socks cause issues later. All lasts are different - I mean between different models so I would not worry about different socks fitting different shoes. The acid test of whether or not the shoe will fit well is after 10 or so wearings and after 5-6...
I had exactly the same issue - I placed some conditioner on the inside of the boot where it hurt, and it was only a few wears before it took the shape of my bones. The sore spot will take some time to feel normal, but a few weeks should be fine of occasional wearing should do the trick. Just massage more conditioner after each wear as it takes your foots shape. Ive never felt the pain again.
I`d say there are a few factors here - Can you give them back and try a size up? Where are they tight - is the length fine, is it the sides - or do you feel like your foot has been squeezed and pushed all over? If its the latter, then a size up would solve the issue. Length is also an issue - but some tightness at the size may give in. I found the heel area very tight and does mold to your heel, but the front of the foot never gave in on my Barclays. It`s also not clear to...
Does LP protect from the salt in winter too? Or are small white stains inevitable?
Cordovan just went for $925 on ebay   http://www.ebay.com/itm/White-039-s-Boots-Semi-Dress-Black-Cordovan-Shell-Horsehide-5-034-top-size-9-5-D-/261555790852?nma=true&si=NC1Xs%252BVYHzIlvk1fwCIj72YqGyA%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
Check out post 1453 on page 97 before ordering - make sure you want the lowered block heel look. I thought about it several times, but somehow the balance is lost. The lowered slant heel though keeps the Whites-look. Very much a personal taste, but I imagine the regret factor is high.
Hear hear! One good pair is worth ten bad ones. Isn't it the same with all things - shoes, jeans, shirts - one or two get 80% of the wear, and the others just lie there...or am I the odd one out?
Well, Sir, I think you should order a pair, with the possibility of returning them. Much larger than expected,then maybe its back to the smaller size. Trial and error is the way to go. You`ll soon learn the variables. Wishing you a happy and comfortable shoe life.
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