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Whites at ABC Mart Ginza
The more I read this the more I`m surprised. And there are no comments on the quality control -at least at the last construction level. Surely EG must have had these new resin lasts custom ordered, and it would seem to me a pretty simple process to measure the new lasts against the old, and at least have some recourse against the resin manufacturer, or checked these before production? Or maybe these were done in-house and thats their standard of tolerance? In any case, the...
When I read this, instead of collecting 5 pairs of RTW, I`m pushed into one or two pairs of bespoke....resin lasts, composite heel and toe caps, metal shanks, machine stitching...whats old fashioned and hand made about all this...I think its just the ease of buying something already avaliable - but nearing 1000 pounds at both EG and GG (if you include trees), I think this is awfully expensive compared to the bespoke. I`m lucky to live in Japan, but most of the top bespoke...
I think if you cannot avoid salt for quite a few months in the year, then you may want to keep a shoe only for this purpose, and lots of conditioning will be necessary between wears if you want to keep them in optimal conditions. But if salt causes rust on metals, then leather is going to be worse the wear for sure.
888 size  8 = GG 8 1/2 for me
Clinch by Brass MTO with 6 eyelet holes
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