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Most definitely, and they may even surpass G&G at less than half the cost. The leathers and lasts are outstanding, and I think the premium is too cheap...
Yeah, shoes don't stretch - at least not in the places you want them to...pass.
New summer unlined 3 lace-hole suede model called the `Bocastle` just launched on Instagram!
Anthony Cleverly
Leaves - you have to keep the spirits going - any other unusual MTO`s in line?   Hint: A spectator with white buckskin and light tan.....
Lovely St James`
Weston toe caps, not sure of model, but classic style.   Uppers pristine.   Marked 8- D, which i believe is 8 1/2 markings with the "-".   Will ship anywhere for $35 by tracking mail, and Paypal only.
Got to make space, and hence the sale.   Uppers pristine condition. MH71 last.   Topy applied in "V" shape to accentuate sole features. Used but very good condition.   Worn maybe 12-15 times I`d say.   $35 postage to anywhere in world with tracking. Paypal only.
I have the Barclay in the rubber sole (the G&G original - suddenly forget the name), and its the most comfortable shoe i have. I have the Kudu Isham in double sole, and I find it very stiff, so much so that there is no way I could walk for a few hours, whereas the rubber sole could last me all day. I also find it so stiff as to need a steel protector, or it will just wear through at the toe in no time. Big difference IMHO between a rubber, single and double leather...
Woah! Thats way too big. I`d choose a 9. 1/2 size would still be way big...IMHO Mine have 1/4 to 1/2 inch max in front...mine would be where your thumb is I`d say
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