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Somehow those fake studs and the fact that the Dainite is avaliable on many shoes versus the Wensum that is only avaliable on the G&G makes we lean heavily away from Dainite. Double up front with the curved back part for me please!
For me the Wensum or a double leather please. Could the sole be chosen seperately? For a quality shoe like this, the double leather would be first choice. The Dainite gives it a cheap feel IMHO Or the half double up front....man, that would be the dog's bollocks!!
The Isham - perfectWow ! That's the one I want !!!!
I think a single leather kudu is as discrete as it gets as the leather is already accentuated in colour and texture. Two tone would be too gaudy. Isham Isham!
Isham Kudu only please
I`m in for a GMTO in Kudu! Hove preferred
Not sure if Boots qualify here (workbooks, of all!) but here goes for the record.   Clinch boots by Brass  
Brass have just reopened their Tokyo shop in Daita, Setagaya, after a refurbishment. I believe they make the finest work boots in the world. They currently have few retail outlets in Japan, a dealer in Sweden, and are only open to orders a few times a year.                                              
They are the perfect bad weather sole - discrete and dent appear to be rubber from the side. Extremely well wearing, indestructible. Everybody needs one. Cannot praise it more...
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