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I have to say its not the pebbled leathers nor Kudu, but seems to be prevalent on light colored calf leathers. The pebbled leathers nonetheless are also quite dry, and look great after a nutrition, but lose it all after a short walk as well. I feel it has something to do with the tanning, and hence my view on the quality. My point was they are lovely new or polished, but lose that after a walk like no other shoe I have ever had.
Here is the same picture of a 10 year old CJ. You will note conditioning is well received and stops the deep creases forming. The leather is 10 years old worn weekly. Note there is none of that white color and rejection of the nutrition. The same creams were used. Creasing is soft to feel.
Thanks for the answers. Let me show in photos what I was meaning. This is a photo of a 10 week old GG. Note the deep creases that will attract dust and dirt and seem to reject the creams. The white is the rejection of the sapphire cream and polishes. The creasing is also unnatural in shape, and is hard to feel.
Firstly, nothing personal, and I love your shoes.  I`m just finding that the leathers look great new, and after a polish/condition, but dry up very quickly like I`ve almost never experienced before. They also develop very rough creases, which seem to attract the dirt and dust, that causes abrasion, and later leather fatigue and cracks. I`ll have to post some photos, and I`m obviously generalizing, as there will be exceptions, but I really find that they just don't hold the...
Nice! I`m always surprised how the vamps of GG dry out though. The shoes above are not two tone I believe. Sure the vamp may not have been polished, but I find GG leathers just don't hold their conditioning. This will cause dust and dirt to enter the creases, and next thing cause a premature hole. There is nothing that can be done to save the shoe then.   I`m speaking from my experience with my pairs in calf leather. Beautiful to look at, but hold polish and creams very...
Turn-ups I believe are really a fine choice
A plain black toe cap oxford, in Marquess round. As with suits, its tempting to be adventurous when presented with such a range of samples, but I`m sticking to the classics. A buckskin and tan spectator was tempting though, and he did mention he can source some incredible reptile skins, but I got declined for my next movie role, and my next trip to Cote d`Azure is not yet planned 
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