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Exdeath - are those a lowered heel?
What a fine choice! Are you the same size in those as your SD's?
More pics of those engineering boots please!!!
Some new photos of my Barclay - one year old, wensum sole. The sole is incredibly durable, I`d say more so than a dainite, and looks more elegant...                    
I`ll try and keep everyone posted over time. Just two comments - first is that I was surprised about the break-in period of the heel cup. Because it is made of a raw suede to keep a grip, it was very coarse at the beginning, and even drew blood through a thin sock. As you can imagine I was surprised. I persevered however, and after a few weeks, the help cup took my heel shape and things have been very comfortable since then. I have to say that the fit is true to size, and...
A quick update on the heel shape and walking comfort. I have 2 SD`s, one with the 90 degree traveller, and one with the cut back cuban heel. The traveller makes the boot heavier on the swing, and quite uncomfortable to walk long distances. The Cuban heel is a delight. On the Bounty hunter, I have the block heel (traveller, 90 degree) and its less uncomfortable, perhaps because of the higher shaft giving more hold. 
My well polished Barclay`s - a year soon, and great service from Nick    
Sure, that is a possibility - I have the Moore if I recall. I have 6-7 C&J Handgrades - two lasts 337 is it, and 357? The numbers may be off, but I think there are only 2-3 lasts. I was told by the online retailer they were similar (AS and C&J), and thats why perhaps I`m not happy about this. But really anyone finds the C&J Clifford last 337 the same as an AS?
Anyone else who was told the AS 'F' last is equivalent to other makers 'E' last, and found out it is really a F, and the shoe fits horribly? Also, the piece of leather under the tongue at the bottom digs into the upper of your foot...   The leather looks great out of the box, but its downhill from there. It`s not on par with C&J, thats gets better with age.   Just my frank opinion
Count me in...prices please!
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