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I find my Vass leathers quite stiff compared to G&G, and the inner leathers too are quite inferior to G&G. G&G will definitely feel better than Vass, but are they worth more than double than a C&J Handgrade is very questionable...
Can a thread name be changed? It`s not ultra important, but for new users and for accuracy, it would be nice to see    Skoaktiebolaget - Carmina, Carlos Santos, GG, Bonafe, Saint Crispin's - Official Affiliate Thread...
The new line of shoes mail is out....any ideas of the maker?
Yes, plenty of anticipation - was an early to mid September order if I remember
Could I get confirmation that a G&G 8 1/2 UK will get a slightly roomier fit in a EG last 888 of same size, but stick with the same 8 1/2 UK?
There is a lightened part in the shoe below the cracks which would seem to indicate something was hit (you may not have noticed) and also a scuff to the right where clearly the shoes too a clip...polish should sort out all....
By not touching the teeth!
Hand made alligator
Soft toe Oxford                  
Clinch soft toe oxford, by Brass              
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