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Nakagawa buckskins. First day out.
Id try a contrast. Like a grey. That way it would not be so close as to maybe give the wrong match.
Wow sounds very nice. How much did the HH come to if I can ask?
These are actually made by Nicks for Zuriick - details are on their site. The heel was tapered off locally. Great boots, enjoy
My Nick's. Fine boots they are...
I`ve had both, but I found that the strap gave more movement and flexibility, especially or only in the front unbuttoned state, as you can imagine above. Its a small amount only, but I personally feel its worth it. Enjoy your suits!
The inside strap made to keep the front closed in place of a button below one of the outside buttons. The advantage is flexibility when sitting down.
Thats very kind of you. Thanks. It may seem then that my Harrow is the correct size, and maybe the Barclay was large. The dilemma I have though is that I`ve ordered a GTMO Kudu in the same size as my tight MG71, on the expectation it was the `looser` TG73 size. I did get a mail from Dean at G&G suggesting that the difference was larger than he expected, and that I should return the Harrow for measurement. The issue could well be the Barclay. I`ll try and see if this can be...
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