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Got to make space, and hence the sale.   Uppers pristine condition. MH71 last.   Topy applied in "V" shape to accentuate sole features. Used but very good condition.   Worn maybe 12-15 times I`d say.   $35 postage to anywhere in world with tracking. Paypal only.
I have the Barclay in the rubber sole (the G&G original - suddenly forget the name), and its the most comfortable shoe i have. I have the Kudu Isham in double sole, and I find it very stiff, so much so that there is no way I could walk for a few hours, whereas the rubber sole could last me all day. I also find it so stiff as to need a steel protector, or it will just wear through at the toe in no time. Big difference IMHO between a rubber, single and double leather...
Woah! Thats way too big. I`d choose a 9. 1/2 size would still be way big...IMHO Mine have 1/4 to 1/2 inch max in front...mine would be where your thumb is I`d say
I was recommended a 10D by Whites, 9 1/2D by Bakers, and now fit well into a 9D. I`m a UK 8 1/2E, Bannock 9. The boots should not have too much wiggle room. Have you tried a thicker pair of socks? Maybe a in-sole? But from what I hear it would seem that the boot is probably too big. Send it back, or try and get to a store with your size, or give measurements of your foot here, and your size, and try and get reader feedback. But you cant beat a brick and mortar store to get...
But in my opinion - here is the most surprising- I did not expect this - both Gaziano, both 8 1/2E and both MH 71. Admittedly one is double sole but that should only affect height?
Fair enough and thanks for the point. But here is the same photo anchored at the toe.
    There you have it!
Not in my experience - both the above shoes are 8 1/2E - you can imagine the difference in fit. The black pair was sent back to G&G to confirm the size, but it was confirmed at 8 1/2E. One fits, one does not - same size, different last.
Union Works is possibly the best shoe repair shop (in the world). There attention to detail is bar none. There are also numerous shoe repair shops in places like Mitsukoshi, Hankyu, World Footwear Gallery, and even ABC Mart, to name a few... Attesso out from Shibuya on the Inokashira line at Ikenoue has some of the finest work for the best prices. The choice is yours really. Let us know your experiences...
I think you would want to try an F fitting and see how it fits - if it is clearly too wide, then the E theoretically is the right width, but you could be in-between. I don't see why the forefoot would ease - maybe the insole gives in a little, but if your toe is squeezed, this won't improve - IMHO. The reverse could be asked of Dean`s opinion - if the forefoot eases on a perfectly fitting shoe, it would then be too large, right!? So, no, easing is not a valid reason to...
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