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Look genuine, no doubt. Wow the 24 dollar EG!!
How would this fit compared to my Kudu Isham? The same size? I`ve got perfect room in the Isham, but what about in this boot? Thanks
Interesting how the thread "topied" when the start was a discussion on G&G original Wensum soles. Obviously very few MTO buyers. A Wensum sole is a factory fitted option. Some ready made orders available occasionally. One on the G&G site now (3 hole hatch grain). A strongly recommend factory option.
A latex sponge shock absorber! Horror!!
Sure. I understand where you are coming from on the Wensum sole but although these are top end shoes and very expensive they do have other components that we don't see or don't envisage with shoes of their price - a search on this site shows that they use celastic or another synthetic in the toes and heels. I can tell you about the heel, as my Barclay made my heel bleed at the beginning so much it dug into the heel. That's not a leather enforced cup in the back I can tell...
If you had time to post some close up of details, please do (button holes, interior). The fit looks great...great find
The Barclay on square toe 73 fit close to my Isham on 71, and the Harrow on 71 is tighter (not so much in toe, but the foot falls in a different way, and from the photos you will notice less room overall). I would not say one needs a different size though, just to be aware your foot will sit in a different way, if that makes sense. I`m not sure how much the wen sum sole on the Barclay, or Double sole on the Isham account for this difference, but this may well play a role.
I found the fit the same as my Isham MH 71, but you will find the photo interesting compared to a Harrow...  My Barclays have a wen sum sole. All the shoes are 8 1/2E in the photos.
Top rubber soles seems to be the answer!
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