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32 amDeparted FedEx locationGUANGZHOU CN1:42 amIn transitGUANGZHOU CNMine seem to be passing through China right now! Hooray Fedex. Hooray Skoak! Hooray G&G
After suggesting a few lazy-man slip-ons, I feel now that a few unusual leather (kudu, pigskin etc.) classic styles, possibly in two tones get the volume needed for  a GMTO...a pig skin and nubuck in the Walkton would also make an outstanding summer shoe!
GMTO - Flynn or Demsey on deco last in an antiqued patina anyone? If it's a MTO, might as well get something that's special after all!
What a fantastic thing for gaijin clients - a Japanese shoe maker that does not speak Japanese. I bet his mailbox is full today!
The G&G Topy!
What a coincidence Stephan88! I have the same boots,and they wear great over time. Enjoy!
Re-lasted and re-soled by Clinch  
Attractions Engineer boots, re-lasted by Clinch          
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