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Some more heel work by Brass Tokyo on my black rough out/brown water buffalos BH   http://www.brass-tokyo.com        
Yep, I`d be nice to them, and ask a favor...anything should be possible...
I did not see any blasting, just asking for opinions. And I think manufacturers have to realize that there are more eyes now on their work, given the www. I think all the above was pretty gentlemanly, perhaps the most offensive was the claim of blasting. Let`s move on and show boots, perfect or imperfect, in the hope to raise standards and keep supporting artisans who create great products.
Same boot, same leathers...mmm
That looks like the one - limited editions only avaliable at select stores in Japan. BUT it is a very narrow shoe,and the bottom of the tongue digs into the top of my foot. Lovely to look at, but a bad design.
Yeah, but a Whites runs at $400-500. If they were a $200 boot I`d accept it, but they should pay more attention to the finish...
The only issue I`ve got there - is it off centre? I mean, is the top at the right position, and the heel just not trimmed enough, or is it part of a bigger issue? Sorry, not scaring anyone, but do think it should be sent back.Also, its only by Whites having seen their work returned will the point be taken. And that brings in a question - are their ebay boots rejects of any sort?
Whites does tend to have shoddy finishes for their block heels. That's part if the reason I got mine redone in the photos recently. Not sure what it is, but should not be they way. Given you have 2 pairs perhaps you can return one and get it seem to. A bummer I know, but best sorted out in long term. It could be that the block does not require much experience so that the newer artisans get that job. In any case, Whites should realize its in their best interests for this...
What a great pair! Is it a celastic toe?
 A modification to the White`s Semi-Dress block heel, by Brass boot repairers in Tokyo, makers of the Clinch line of engineer boots          
New Posts  All Forums: