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Update on my Rosewood Kuku:   1. I have found that the Hermes Red Saphir matches this color perfectly - not too red, in fact its so close it would seem that is what could have been used originally.   2. The sole`s are stiffer than I thought. They are double leather admittedly, but still stiffer than other double soles I`ve had in the past - too early to make judgment, but it does mean that I found a need for a steel toe, and the wear on the toe was already...
Main d`Or                      
Good question, as I believe they are from the same Subaru plant...just a branding and finish difference
 Did I read inner lining!? Do you do the insole too Sir?
Beauties - are those your first G&G`s?
What I`ve found is that using neutral colorless creams leaves a whitish residue over time, and its best to add color from time to time if not every time. I`m going to alternate between Hermes Red Saphir cream and Burgundy after wearings. But the texture of the leather looks like it will need much less care than a smooth calf skin. Quite the most incredible leather in a shoe I have ever had. 
Look at the detail!
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