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I read (they are not mine) that its red dog bullhide, though the white balance in the camera may be exaggerating things.
Very difficult to advise specifically - what I usually do is I go up to he next half size or width until I realize that size would be too big, and settle then on the previous one. If you think the next size up may solve your issues, you should try that. Remember you can then always adjust by the thickness in socks. The trick is that too small cannot be adjusted this way. It`s a very personal process - good luck. Feel comforted though that Whites most probably have every...
Smoke Jumper turned up last
Wow! And check these out. Hunters?
There was a discussion recently on the toe cap and rough out combinations. Check out these boots!
I`m a UK 8.5 in Crockett and Jones and Gaziano and Girling - but fit into a 9.5 F R&M. I though they were UK similar, but thats what I`ve found. It may be that I`m a different UK boot size, but can't say.
Could someone comment how Nicks compare size wise compared to Whites?
Very nice boots - any idea how they fit size wise compared to Whites?
Great information, thanks for taking the time to write this, cathpah
Those boots are two weeks old!? Well I bet your blisters come from the bashing around and not the boot fit. No matter the environment the boots should fit well and not cause any blisters. Do alternate your boots every other day too. You do seem to get your boots to work! Enjoy them in good health and you certainly seem productive. Best wishes for your success. Seems some conditioning weekly and brushing daily would go a long way to prolonging their life. Enjoy!
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