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Had a first visit to Marquess today. What a pleasant experience and wonderful gent who worked for various shoe makers in England. Now for the long wait... [IMG]
Agreed - a great resource for us all
Are your slip-ons a 1/2 size down from your Lace-ups? Lovely BTW
Lovely. Any chance we can see the sole to gauge natural sole wear?
Depending on where the site is based, you may get nothing too! Best to check the genuineness of the site, as well as the boot! Japanese sites are generally fine, bit here Whites are close to $1000...
Instagram (patlof)- new models launched tomorrow - are those GG`s?
Dear Sir, The single part fits at the back, and the buttons are fastened to the trousers and not the shirt...
Lovely shoes Tony. If you have some photos of the shoes as they take wear, please do post. I`m very interested how bespoke shoes age and how they develop over time.
Thats very interesting. A model was made for Anthony Cleverly called `Nakagawa`, and although it was denied by all, it is known that EG makes the AC range. Wonder if this is whats behind this. Nakagawa is the man behind `Union Works`s`, the finest shoe repair shop in Tokyo.
http://www.styleforum.net/t/47111/leather-sole-care-not-topys-or-taps     Theres quite a bit online, but because the sole is seen as the `dirty` part, it gets very TLC...most people I`d say do nothing, but I occasionally just use a neutral cream, it is leather after all. The main problem I see with your sole is the accumulated grit from the wet and rain, that can do a serious amount of damage, a lotion or cream will help get that out and condition the leather. Depending...
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