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Vintage Wain Sheill cloth, cuffs and crescent pockets                      
How does one get free trees and postage?
 Good luck - but it does seem at the top you need that to come together  quite a lot...how does your big toe feel? Does it sit natural, or compensating for the narrow width?
Really depends, but if it feels tight at first fit, don't hope for much. A 1/8 of an inch I`d say, which can't be enough to get rid of the tight feel...how many of us have tried and hoped, but alas it never works out that way...
I`d say it`s all to do with the fit. Given that White`s have so many size combinations of width and length, you need to find the right one, and not guess that because you`re a certain size in one boot maker, that size will fit in Whites. Once you get the right fit, the arch comfort is a fantastic thing, and there are no metal shanks used in the shoe for strength. A good fitting pair is the best thing ever, one size off, and it throws things out of line.
Very nice - how much are these offered for?
The one below is quite thin...  
F&S, I`d love to see some workshop pics, and of shoes at various stages of finish...thanks for the regular updates!
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