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Handmade by Silver Dollar Shimokitazawa
Wrong fit. Don't waste any money there is my frank advice.
New work shoes. The first version was difficult to maintain, so I asked for an antiqued toe cap. The black is actually dark brown died black, and the brown will come through as the leather ages.                
The Fibonacci Golden ratio as evidenced on waves, snails, flowers and other natural things is 61.8% I believe...that to me would be the more natural balance as it occurs in nature...?
Eiji Murata at Main D`or                                  
A second visit to Eiji Murata at Main D`or for my first fitting, and choice of leathers on the second pair. First is a full fancy brogue with burgundy stitches in black, similar to the one below, and the second will be a dark brown suede toe-cap.    As usual, a fantastic experience, and he will post my two trial shoes on different lasts to my home - these are to be worn for 2-3 months before the next visit. This will be in six months or so, with the final shoes avaliable...
New Brass/Clinch work shoes - makeover on toe-cap    
Superb Sartorial Style Stefan and Shoji!
In my experience, you will rarely get a correct match, best to start with the lightest and slowly work your way to the darkest colors and settle where you are happy. You will get a great patina this way too...
Isham stitching      
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