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Barclay patina
Does not sound like fair play to me...
Wow, cant wait for my first GMTO!
Now I feel better! I used to always Google `skoat`!
Just continue...it will all even out in the end...dust and dirt can do more harm than the brush. Any fluffiness will even out using the same brush after months...common fear which leads to under-brushing, but as I say this is more damaging.
The other thing is to use a cream, and let it soak in, before brushing a lot. If you are using a wax, there could be drying effects, and add to that the color and pigments may not match well. Saphir well recommended here, especially the more expensive versions...or use a neutral or colored cream before a wax...
Please post this on Foster site...
With the utmost of due respect, Sir, but these seem awfully dry around the whole vamp - is that how the leather of this fine shoe turns after what looks like very few wears? Nothing personal - lovely shoe, but that leather finish and process doesn't seem to match the quality for the price?
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