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A pic of my favorites...Whites Semi dress in water buffalo
How did you assume I did not wear thick socks? I followed the instructions http://www.whitesboots.com/index.php?dispatch=pages.view&page_id=18 See #1 Don't makes assumptions and take those as facts. The fact is that whatever socks you wear in measurement should fit in the boot, but thats beside the point as boot socks were worn.
Whites oversized me a full size too. No idea how that happened on my first pair - but had to sell them as I was floating in them. No substitute for trying on various sizes at a brick and mortar shop. Another possibility is to order a pair from a shop that accepts returns and work from there. Tell them if you find your size you will custom order. No substitute for a boot that fits badly.
What great product support! A protected investment!    One question - should I condition the underside of the leather too? Gave my belt a Saphir renovator conditioning, but only on the top...
Water Buffalo is a thin leather, but its sure tough. It does have that natural gloss, so I`d say is a dress leather, but for someone after a thin and flexible part of the boot, could fit the shaft only well, as in my water buffalo top, and rough out bottom boots. But its a lined by requirement boot, and the water buffalo only is a pretty sturdy boot, with lightness and flexibility to boot. I love the leather.
Some oldies, but hopefully some are interested in how boots wear on...but can`t help putting cream on my water buffalo`s!          
Lovely belt - for a belt in that condition, I just cannot imagine anything wrong with the stitching...how can it possibly wear? What does it wear against?
The heel is a standard height is it? Perhaps just the angle of the camera has me asking that question. Really love that combo of leathers.
Fair point. Just speaking from my experience. Again, I guess leathers,soles and things like linings could make a difference. But mine do have the feel there is a little more room. Top is water buffalo and thin so this could contribute to that. They are lined and are black rough out. It could be that the rough out is softer, or the water buffalo a thinner leather. I guess a lot has to do with the leathers as the basic last has to be the same. Tightness of stitching too....
[quote name="gregornz" url=" That's cool that you can swap between the two sizes to tailor your look, but I have to ask; wouldn't it be better to get the 'right' size each time? [/quote] Good point. The only thing is that I've found that a BH is a little looser than the SD although on the same last. Having said that it could depend on the leathers and whether or not there is single sole stitching or double - the double tends to be tighter. Soles too could play a role....
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