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Just stopped by ABC Mart shoe shop in Ginza, now the owner of Whites. They have started to stock them in their flagship store. Prices range from 90,000-120,000Yen ($700-1000). I was so surprised of the quality drop since I last ordered my last Whites 3 years or so ago. Same leathers and soles, but sloppy cutting, stitching and finishing. It was not as if it was random too, just the overall finish was sloppy. I`m off to Hawaii tomorrow, and hope to buy some Whites made from...
Could you elaborate on the lasts or models so we can learn how these fit differently?There seems to be a consensus that all models fit the same here but I'm not finding this myself. Much appreciated.My slip on Barclay are perfect on 73, Lace up Harrow tight on round square (71?) and I've fitted into an Isham a half size down in a store and felt it fine though admittedly it was just a quick try.Would be interested to hear your experience and whether it's the Isham (above?)...
Any idea what causes the insole to have this ?
Ah I had not known that the time was limited. Had I known I might have pulled the trigger on the sale. It was not written on the site.
The link is still there. I think it's under shop on the left.
G&G site had some end of lines in the Pound 500 range but the link to "end of line" now returns nothing. Any idea what may have happened?
The Dovers are sold on eBay, and the rest will be sold one by one on eBay. Thanks
I`d prefer the full set, and would rather negotiate on that. Dover only would be a slight premium. All fine conditions with leathers from yesteryear!
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