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Thanks - dug out an old mail from Kyle- plain toe is the same size in BH or SJ...there`s one on ebay that tickles my fancy...
Ah, now thats what it is!!!
Many thanks. Does anyone know whether one should go with the same size in both? SD to SJ or BH to FR? Both Plain toe, and not lace to toe, to keep it consistent, Thanks
Whats the difference between a farm rancher and a bounty hunter? Thanks, and size wise, the same?
Ah, thanks! Now I see the tongue with slits at the side...that always puzzled me, yes, thats the key. Thanks for pointing that out. 
A semi-dress in 6 or 8 inches...pics please!
A semi dress 7 inch!? Is that a typo?
If a shoe does not fit first time round, theres little change it will stretch to fit - at least not in the area you want it. Leather really rarely stretches, at least from the point of making room for a tight fit. Don`t fall in that trap - too much money wasted in that hope is my advice...
patrick_b: I*ve had the same problem with Jeans...it just adds to the character of the belt...give it time and it alls adds to individuality and character...
The bottom one does not have the tongues that join the sides - not sure if this gives a clue
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