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Nice catch. No actually I`m a 9D, and was thinking of bidding for the water-buffalo/french calf brown boots with triple sole, went for $355! Always on the lookout for a 9D on ebay, but that combination was daring!
Sir, Were you the person who grabbed those nice 9D`s?
For the record, I`m a standard 8 1/2 E UK last , but have had 9 1/2 F (one down from the standard G) made by bootsonline, and they fit perfectly. A sleeker looking RM is also very nice indeed. Oh, and a 9D Whites semi dress...
I think if you are a big guy the double sole will give you more support and stability.  The single celastic is strong, but I`m not sure a 10kg box would not cause some damage. I mean to the celastic initially - my guess is it would dent it.
Quite true - C&J have been manufacturing a local range in South Africa for many many years - 70`s or 80`s...
Hear hear. Whites first advised a 10D, and I ordered with them...I was floating in those...not even a thick hiking sock could correct them. I`m now fitting comfortably in a 9D. And guess what, I had to try the 9 1/2 at my own expense too...two sizes out! Not happy about this. Nothing better than a brick and mortar fitting.
The lining is used for various reasons - some leathers inside are rougher than others, some more delicate (water buffalo), some oiled and hence it serves various functions. I would not say it serves as insulation as such, but as an extra layer, could have some effect. I don't think it changes the boots feel in the summer, on the contrary it helps to absorb moisture. It`s an extra layer that helps takes your foots form, and I find gives a better fit. Some prefer the liner,...
Thanks - dug out an old mail from Kyle- plain toe is the same size in BH or SJ...there`s one on ebay that tickles my fancy...
Ah, now thats what it is!!!
Many thanks. Does anyone know whether one should go with the same size in both? SD to SJ or BH to FR? Both Plain toe, and not lace to toe, to keep it consistent, Thanks
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