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Anyone got any views on the EG Dover versus GG Islam - thoughts, history, preferences?
Anthony Cleverly
How do people feed EG Dover against GG Isham?
semi dress with double atitched sole surrounding and toe cap with celastic
Water buffalo cherry
Whats all the fuss about vintage cherry!!??                  
Thanks Guys for what is the best internet purchase experience over the years. You guys have a first class operation. Communication, postage and experience is top class. I`m so sorry you are giving up GG. Thanks for the last order.   St James II 71 last vintage cherry                  
What color do you use to shine these beauties?
Stumptown, I think they meant Stomptown!, seems to the run by ABC Mart, the owner of Danner/Whites...
The Alexandria in the first and second picture is not the same model although it has the same name, and the Alexandria that is named by Borsalino is a completely different hat. 
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