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Some photos of my Triumph toe steels put on locally on my Harrows          
What a great post and blog. Thanks One thing that surprised me was the length of the free space at the toe, in the front of the shoe. Is this to do with the overall proportions you want, and the fact that the shoe hugs the whole foot, and therefore won't be an issue? That must be an inch or several centimeters of free space? Interested to hear your comments. Great post!
Heels can seperate a little but as long as structurally sound I'd just leave it. If loose then repair
Yes, thats the square toe
Zuriick have a discount running on their Nicks boots until Sunday
Wait until the deco last ideas start coming - I forecast record interest in these - start saving your pennies!
From what I have heard, the foot is hugged in the same position at the top, but sure, the nose is longer, but width at the widest should be the same, or at least the foot should fall into it in much the same as the non deco.
And lastly a Cordovan, on St James Deco last   http://40.media.tumblr.com/3d385100c5271055c5ea407ddfd0c007/tumblr_nc1xqiRhVo1qj30hzo4_1280.jpg
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