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I think if you brush it and keep the dirt off, the chances of cracking are small. But left with dirt, it will soon act like sandpaper. But its really the smooth leathers that will crack in my opinion. They are the ones with the outer finish. May be wrong there though, but haven't had a rough out or suede crack on me. But then, I`m an urban cowboy!
You know, I think there is a little more to just the photos for as you say the slightly different leathers and tanning is going to create slightly different shades. Whites must have quite a stock of variations to choose from. Not so sure that you can order any leather in rough out. It exists if you turn it inside out but not sure it's processed to be used as such. Finally, personally I would never oil a rough out. Some people have, but I think it should be left as it is....
I have found that the standard brown rough out comes in a few shade variations and Whites will try and match he shade to the two tone accordingly. There seems to be only one brown rough out, and a few shades I`ve see, aside from the distressed version.
Agreed about the cracking. Keep the sides well conditioned - that is whatever method you use - but not dry, and keep that dirt and grime brushed away. That's what starts the leather cracking as it acts like sandpaper once it gets into any crack. Brush, brush, brush...
Seems like Harajuku is an area you should visit - Jingumae is the location address - Beans and United Arrows are all there - as well as a few other shops. I would get a guide book to help you around - Superfuture will have done the leg work. Okachimachi near Ueno may also be worth a visit for the denim and street fashion side. Freewheelers is a short walk from Harajuku. Listing up addresses and googling them in advance is the best way to get around. It`s a little more...
The Army Gym in Naka Meguro will have the largest collection, and Isetan department Store in Shinjuku and Matsuya in Ginza will have a little less. Do visit the old flagship (along the river, called 82(?))in Naka Meguro too for sale stuff. If you're in Sendai visit the shop there, run by John Lofgren, a foreigner. Do be aware though that if you are slim, the Japanese made and patterned stuff will fit you well, but the patterns are local for their locally made stuff made...
Only using Kiwi has cracked two C&J Handgrades. They did last 5 years though. How do I know that ? Well I've been using Saphir now and the creams have helped nourish the leathers. The cracks at the sides have never developed. Once a small crack starts the dust and grime set in and it's going to be like sandpaper and the crack can never be repaired. Not all leathers may be the sane though but there is a lot to be said for nourishment versus polish.
I think you will never regret a pair of boots that can be rebuilt by the maker, and last a very long time. Just make sure that you get fitted out in a brick and mortar shop ideally, and take the sizing risk away. You can buy a few boots for $100-200, but they never last you as long as Whites. Money well spent, but take out the sizing uncertainty.
Nice catch. No actually I`m a 9D, and was thinking of bidding for the water-buffalo/french calf brown boots with triple sole, went for $355! Always on the lookout for a 9D on ebay, but that combination was daring!
Sir, Were you the person who grabbed those nice 9D`s?
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