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Thats a very good plan - I`d nourish with a cream to get into the grains little patterns, and you can finish off with a wax - they can take a good shine, but it usually looks better on the toe area - perhaps the grain is stretched there are smoother. But because of the drains pattern, as the leather creases, the wax becomes waxy, and can do with multiple brushings between wears.
A good question - and the answer may be found if you google  "Buraku" or "Burakumin". Death and anything to do with dead animals is considered unclean. This is most probably only historically true though, although I suspect the stigma lingers, whereas it does not on denim manufacturing etc. which is considered an art, and has a history in indigo and the weaving industry. Old traditions die hard in Japan...
My experience with AS Moore is that they are absolutely beautiful out the box, but one of the few shoes I own that go downhill from there. Firstly the fit is not equivalent to other makers E width, and for me is clearly an F, so its the wrong fit, contrary to what the salesperson says. The leather starts to look dry with wear, and no amount of conditioning gets it back to a good condition. The bottom of my tongue on the inside of the shoe comes out and digs into the top of...
Sorry, but when and where is the sale?
True, but cows leather is live and has cell growth! Honestly, of course some things stretch but don't ever hope it will stretch in the right places to your size, and help relieve pain or pressure points, it rarely does IMHO
A little modification that I think has turned a great boot into an awesome boot          
I can't reply to any of the questions on sizes, but my advice is NEVER hope any boot or shoe stretches - thats one of my biggest mistakes. If it doesn't wear well on the first try, don't hope it will later on...
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