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Thanks for the comments. It was really after rain, and as I said the uppers were untouched. The same thing happened to my Isham's in Kudu tAhat have never been in rain. And the more puzzling and worrying thing is that these dents occurred from my office chair and not on the pavement. They come from no pressure at all just by placing them on the pedestal of a revolving chair. As I said my Kudu Isham's never worn in the rain are exactly the same. This is really surprising...
Just to confirm, the Kudu uppers are great, and my comments above is on the standard leathers used. the sole is the same obviously. Sorry if there was confusion. Those Kudu`s must go down as one of the most interesting shoes avaliable following the russian reindeer. Believe GG still have a few left for MTO only through them for those interested. 
As this thread includes reviews in the title, I`d like to give a review of my first wear of the Ishams.   The fit is near perfect, and this was already confirmed by my Rosewood Kudu order, and hence my second purchase of the same model. A day in the shoe was absolutely fine, and there was light rain that day. I would no usually take a new shoe out in the rain, but thought it might give the sole a better break-in, and get that first level of finish off more quickly - a...
Iyar- thanks Phisiao-The whole shoe is different of course, and the overall level of finish and materials are different, not just the hides. Is one worth more than the other,mmm, thats very subjective choice, and each should be pleased with their own...enjoy the experience and fine shoes
pics plz!
Yes all Ishams 71
Thanks guys, you ROCK! My second pair of Ishams purchased off their site. Same day shipping and to Japan within a week! Tremendous service and such professionalism. Well done team.             Next will be a black MTO with wensum double sole soon...debating on calf or pig skin...thoughts?
My new second pair of Ishams received from the good folks at Skoaktiebolaget. Fine job in postage and shipping. Arrived in J           apan within a week!
I visited GG in Savile Row last week, and tried on a boot. I`m a perfect in the Isham (only frankly), and to my and the assistants surprise it was too big. Same size, same last i believe...
I was in London yesterday, and now in Dubai. and cant find the link. It had something like `style` or something else before the usual edwardgreen address....wonder what that was all about? Could it be country specific? Let me check my history...does to seem to go that far back...
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