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Lovely bag. I remember looking through the window when the shop was near Daikanyama. Any hint what that cost? I`d guess two pairs of Fukuda`s made to orders?
Cigarone or topcubans
New Borsalino Anello from Bencraft        
The wen sum sole is fantastic. Looks great and outlasts leather and is rain proof. Great choice
Agreed. She has gone out of her way on numerous occasions. Highly recommended.
Pediwear, Edwards of manchester...all googled
The second ones are real beauties. For me the distressed tone and the red dog of the first clash somehow, whereas the second pair is just spot on. 
Many thanks, the Renegade is now on Bakers site...eyeing a chocolate rough out with chocolate smooth combo...
Any advice from Whites size to Nicks please? I`m a 9D in Whites SD....
Gregornz, your black cherry are a swing last? I went back to the original photos and took an hard look at the ones above, and it does not have that bulged look of the swing. Is it that that turns out different on taller boots?
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