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http://36.media.tumblr.com/fe7d63a51688def68ca23fa94f2fc0f4/tumblr_nkooyfdQvX1qj30hzo1_1280.jpg   Deco lasted St James as as found on Bespoke England's site - there must be huge demand potential here! Thanks for pushing this forward Nick.
Thanks - is this used by any tailors particularly? British or Italian etc?
Stingray is only available in Sinatra or Cooper - unless I`m missing something, I`m not sure there are any financial advantages of ordering as a group - Deco cannot have GMTO, and the Sinatra would have no advantages as well?
In my experience either works quite well, but obviously the metal is stronger. The downside to the metal is the noise, wear ( they wear down quicker than rubber), and the fact that they do eat up a lot of leather in changing them. Some rust too. Plain old leather just curls up and hardens at the front, and frankly can last a very long time. But a few nails will help with longevity.
Many thanks to clarify this. I`ve been searching the net, and just fully realized that any G&G model is available for a small premium on a Deco last. Would not a GMTO on a Deco last (as against the full Deco) not be a great idea?
I have a question - I`ve been told that G&G fit is consistent through the different lasts at the same size - that is an 8 1/2 E is the same in different models and even say the Deco last, and same in slip-ons or laces and boots. I got my Harrow yesterday, and I was surprised it was considerably shorter than my only other current G&G, the Barclay. However, upon trying the shoe, the fit was great, and it would seem that the different in length is inconsequential. Is that the...
Ah, good eye you have! It`s a booked king - 50mm 1.2L - beautiful lens - matches the shoes well 
  Just a word to highly recommend these guys - ordered a Harrow and the GMTO Kudu Isham. Mails very well responded to, and even refunded my double order of shoe trees promptly. Great reliability. Shoes left Sweden Monday, and in Japan on Saturday. Thanks guys - outstanding job on customer service.  
My new Harrow`s from Skoaktiebolaget - great service from these guys, outstanding actually - reply to every mail and even refunded me promptly after a double order of shoe trees (wanted original G&G`s for my Kudu Ishams). Shoes left Sweden on Monday, in Japan by Saturday. Thanks guys        
New Posts  All Forums: