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Wow, what an original color! Post more close up pics if you can. That would make a great two tone with black...
2013 E
Would not be too concerned here, but do know what you are talking about. The Whites on ebay have some pretty large areas...   
Nigel in Sendai Japan, at the new Army Gym, run by John Lofgren, who is behind Speedway brand. Photo courtesy of John  
Thanks for pointing out the classic original, but the new one is too `Berluti`-like, especially the patina (versus fading), and I think more classic styles would be truer to tradition. Not sure of the current customer base, but solid classics are timeless. I do wish you every success though, as it`s just my personal opinion.
The Wensum`s are actually the indestructible rubber sole that looks as thin as the leather from the side. It would never need a resole, and hence my question - Topy`s do need replacement, and presumably are put on to get more wear out of the sole, but the ultimate is the Wensum sole, available from G&G. Perhaps not much is known about this sole? It is similar to a RM Williams composite sole, and rarely wears out, literally, whereas the Topy does wear out and cab alter the...
Any ideas on why one would Topy and not go for the Wensum option on a MTO?
What a fine thread!
Thats almost every day!
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