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Hakone is now off limits - certain parts of Hakone are now closed due local earthquakes and volcanic activity...
You have to ask why the previous guy is selling them....most probably to fund a purchase of new shoes...why would you want to pay him to do that? I`d save up and buy a new pair for yourself, unless they are incredible value...but all a personal choice really...
Visit Tenderloin and Time Worn Clothing - Ebisu and Aoyama, two original workwear clothing shops not very focussed on internationally - both incredible stuff and would be a great discovery for SF
Whats the latest on Cuban cigars in the US now? Also, I wonder what effect any lifting of the embargo will have on quality and quantity?
Here is the submission I think you may have seen (going back to 2006). Concur that going down a width needs quite a larger size in length from experience. Good luck and have fun with the order and boots - they will last forever!
Thinking about this again, my example of trying on the H sizes and then compensating for width might not be good advice - given what I said before of where your foots falls in the boot. Down a width and up a full size though does seem consistent with my experience - and given you are 9.5C Whites versus my 9D would make me feel you should not err on the side of caution length wise. Difficult decision I know, but bigger better than tighter, as you can always adjust by socks.
I`d hate to give you the wrong advice, but given your measurements, I`d say you would be more comfortable in a 9.5. I did find that the RMW length change was not as much as I expected, combined with a drop in width. I`m a 27cm and fit in a 9.5 with very little room in front (I mean exactly what I need for a good fit), so given your foot is longer than mine and the same width, a smaller size is questionable.   The Macquaries are the same length and width if I recall, and...
Thinking about this again, and having gone through what you are going through, I remember trying on a much smaller length and thinking it was fine - the fact that its a elastic sided boot makes one feel that the foot is fitting well, whereas when one walks around (after hours of wear), the foot takes a different place in the boot. Thats why perhaps relative measurements might be a good starting point. I`m curious what your length and width of your foot is in cm?
Barry is the guy to go with. He knows his stuff inside out. I started with the standard widths from him, and somehow found that the F special order (no premium I believe) worked better for me. On this I can say that no matter how you imagine your foot fitting the various sizes, once you get the correct fit, it will be evident - go with his advice. What I found is that although, like you, I was worried about width and heel fit, my foot fell into place much more naturally in...
I used to have a Macquarie, and I had the same size as my craftsman. The only thing is that I did find it a bit narrow, although not excessively so. If I had to buy them again, I would try the G standard width, although most quote the same size and width. As mentioned above, the F craftsman is a special order, and fits me perfectly.
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