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A plain black toe cap oxford, in Marquess round. As with suits, its tempting to be adventurous when presented with such a range of samples, but I`m sticking to the classics. A buckskin and tan spectator was tempting though, and he did mention he can source some incredible reptile skins, but I got declined for my next movie role, and my next trip to Cote d`Azure is not yet plannedĀ 
Had a first visit to Marquess today. What a pleasant experience and wonderful gent who worked for various shoe makers in England. Now for the long wait... [IMG]
Agreed - a great resource for us all
Are your slip-ons a 1/2 size down from your Lace-ups? Lovely BTW
Lovely. Any chance we can see the sole to gauge natural sole wear?
Depending on where the site is based, you may get nothing too! Best to check the genuineness of the site, as well as the boot! Japanese sites are generally fine, bit here Whites are close to $1000...
New Posts  All Forums: