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Here is the submission I think you may have seen (going back to 2006). Concur that going down a width needs quite a larger size in length from experience. Good luck and have fun with the order and boots - they will last forever!
Thinking about this again, my example of trying on the H sizes and then compensating for width might not be good advice - given what I said before of where your foots falls in the boot. Down a width and up a full size though does seem consistent with my experience - and given you are 9.5C Whites versus my 9D would make me feel you should not err on the side of caution length wise. Difficult decision I know, but bigger better than tighter, as you can always adjust by socks.
I`d hate to give you the wrong advice, but given your measurements, I`d say you would be more comfortable in a 9.5. I did find that the RMW length change was not as much as I expected, combined with a drop in width. I`m a 27cm and fit in a 9.5 with very little room in front (I mean exactly what I need for a good fit), so given your foot is longer than mine and the same width, a smaller size is questionable.   The Macquaries are the same length and width if I recall, and...
Thinking about this again, and having gone through what you are going through, I remember trying on a much smaller length and thinking it was fine - the fact that its a elastic sided boot makes one feel that the foot is fitting well, whereas when one walks around (after hours of wear), the foot takes a different place in the boot. Thats why perhaps relative measurements might be a good starting point. I`m curious what your length and width of your foot is in cm?
Barry is the guy to go with. He knows his stuff inside out. I started with the standard widths from him, and somehow found that the F special order (no premium I believe) worked better for me. On this I can say that no matter how you imagine your foot fitting the various sizes, once you get the correct fit, it will be evident - go with his advice. What I found is that although, like you, I was worried about width and heel fit, my foot fell into place much more naturally in...
I used to have a Macquarie, and I had the same size as my craftsman. The only thing is that I did find it a bit narrow, although not excessively so. If I had to buy them again, I would try the G standard width, although most quote the same size and width. As mentioned above, the F craftsman is a special order, and fits me perfectly.
If it helps, I`m a UK 8.5E, Whites 9D and a 9.5F (non standard, order) in RMW. I`m pretty happy with all 3 sizes. What I have found is that the RM Williams G is pretty wide, and the size up but G->F drop in width suits me better. I`m a bit surprised, as many quote the RMW the same size as a UK shoe, but I`m that much different, my UK size is a shoe not a boot, and this could explain some of this. But I`m a pretty comfortable Whites 9D and RMW 9.5F, and have more than one...
These are the Zuriick`s William, by Nicks, 2" I believe - have a look at the Zurich site for more information.
I hear you about the standard block heel, and don't think lowering it will change the feel much, it still strikes quite far back - and for a solid boot like Whites does require more effort to push the boot back and lift the foot in the normal stride. I think the modification you want will give you a great balance. But you cant beat a cuban heel if you like the feel it gives - Ive considered a lowered cuban, but not sure of the balance it gives - that may be a good...
You know, I was thinking of the modification as I saw your boots - and if I did it again, I may even chop a little more off the top.But your idea would make those boots really very nice indeed! Good luck with the modification. Do make sure the shoe repairer has the grinder for the curve - it may be worth asking around first.
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