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Thread is 5 years old today! Congratulations guys! 
For fluent English speakers its Shoji Kawaguchi of Marquess and Yohei Fukuda. But in general, most of them can accept English speaking customers, but if mails are very general and not leading to direct business, its sometimes difficult to exchange much introductory mails for them, as the Japanese mail etiquette is quite different from how a foreigner would handle things - the Japanese being more formal, and would only contact someone if they have generally decided. But if...
12 year old Belgrave`s            
Renovateur is a polish stripper, so yes, you would need to apply polish or creams. People read it as a renovator, but its really a cleaner and removes polish and layers of cream.
Sir, if you can read my comments again, I said I`m sure some will disagree - so in no way do I pretend anything does not exist. And to reach to the conclusion of `odd` is a bit quick - its all about personal opinions, but why not, yeah I`m very odd. Cheers and have a great day.
You know, sunken toe caps do look good, but are overrated. Firstly, they give an unnatural wear pattern to the sole - I know some will disagree, but wear at the front becomes limited when the shoe bends after the first few months of wear. Secondly, they add slippage to the front, and can be dangerous, and change the walk pattern. I know I`ll come into controversy with this view (and I have many shoes with them myself), but they are way over rated.
The full collection          
With all due respect, but why would you say this is calfskin? I read the link, but not clear why this is questioned, apart from the white specs - but not clear which has them or not. Is the real skin not available? 
And could someone re-chime in on the size comparisons - GG8.5=StC8? I know it may have been asked a thousand times, but for the sake of a potential internet purchase please...
Saphir colorless. Be careful of Renovator - it removes layers of polish - beware. Great shoes
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